9/11 Witnesses Who Died Mysteriously

November 6, 2015 in News by RBN


These names are over the internet and their interviews or clips you can find on youtube and the web. Question: why so many 9/11 witnesses are dead? Is it a coinicidence? Were they murdered? If murdered, who killed them? For those of you that still believe that Bin Laden and the Talban were the masterminds behind 9/11, I will post a partial list of names of people who are now dead….


barryjennsBarry Jennings (Eyewitness to explosions and bodies inside WTC7) — Undisclosed causes

alg-kenneth-jpgKenneth Johannemann (Eyewitness to explosions inside WTC, Saw no airplanes hit but just saw “floors blow up”) — Gunshot to the head, ruled a suicide

220px-Obama_and_Beverly_EckertBeverly Eckert (Wife of 9/11 WTC Victim, Earwitness to WTC Explosion, Refused hush money) — Airplane crash

PrasannaPrasanna Kalahasthi (Wife of 9/11 “Flight 11 Passenger”) — Suicide by hanging

david grahamDavid Graham (Dentist who saw three of the 9/11 Hijackers with Pakistani businessman in Shreveport, Louisiana) — Murdered (Poisoned with anti-freeze)

paulsmithax1_100807Paul Smith (Pilot of WABC7’s 9/11 “International Shot” Chopper) — Car accident

mikedoranMichael H. Doran (9/11 Victims Lawyer) — Airplane crash

berthachamBertha Champagne (Longtime babysitter for 911 Perp Marvin Bush’s family) — Crushed by a car

christopher landisChristopher Landis (Former Operations Manager for Safety Service Patrol for the Virginia Department of Transportation, Interviewed by makers of “The Pentacon”, Gave makers of “The Pentacon” a photo collection, Involved in the response to the Pentagon attack) — Suicide

066_john_oneillJohn P. O’Neill (FBI Counter-terrorism expert, Obsessed with catching Osama Bin Laden, Suspected Clinton/Bush/FBI complicity in the cover-up and protection of Bin Laden) — Died in the WTC on 9/11

deborah-palfreyDeborah Palfrey (Ran an escort service that had 911 Perps on it’s list) — Suicide by hanging

351_david_wherley2050081722-9440David Wherley (US General who ordered fighter jets to scramble on 9/11) — Train crash

Un-named Ticket Agent (Boston Logan Ticket Agent who checked Atta and Alomari) — Suicide

suzzaneSuzanne Jovin (Yale Student who had a thesis about Osama Bin Laden, Her thesis adviser was an intelligence operative) — Murdered (Killer unknown)

perry_kucinichPerry Kucinich (Brother of Congressman who advocated new 9/11 investigation) — Fell down

salprinciottaSalvatore Princiotta (9/11 FDNY Firefighter from Ladder 9) — Murdered

Ezra Harel (Chairman of the Israeli Company That Handled Security For All 9/11 Airports) — Heart attack

bruce ivansBruce Ivins (Patsy in the 9/11-linked “Anthrax” Case) — Drug overdose

danjowenkoDanny Jowenko died in a car crash against a tree. He was an explosives expert who told WTC7 was definitely brought down by a controlled demolition and this is not a one day job!

Have you seen the list? By the way, I got this list from this website:


On the list I posted, check the name Beverly Eckert, a 9/11 witness who died 6 days after meeting Obama. Coincidence? No! That website I mentioned has her face and more detailed story. Question: if Bin Laden was the mastermind and planes did take out the towers, then why are witnesses dead who claimed they heard bombs go off inside TWC? Not to mention some of which claim they saw no airplanes? My point exactly! The clips of the planes are doctored film, yes like a Hollywood movie perhaps? The 3 buildinmgs, including Tower 7, fell like buildings during a demolitian process. More on that in another topic.

Here are vids of the people who died mysteriously.

Question: if Bin Laden was the mastermind? why are these people dead after 9/11? Since he was a fugitive at the time, how would he have the time to “kill” these witnesses? My point exactly. So please don’t be blind. There are evil forces behind this, led by Satan. He used families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Astors to name a few. He used organizations like the C.I.A., Bilderbergers, C.F.R., UN, Trilateral Commission, and He used President Bush, VP Cheney, and others to pull off this false flag operation attack on 9/11. Oh yes, Obama is included too since he is related to Bush. Note: all the past, present, and future U. S. Presidents are all somehow related to each other. Presidents are not elected, but selected. That’s another story for another day.

The reason I wanted to post this is so the truth can continue to circulate, and that all the people who have died since 9/11 aren’t forgotten. Every person has a story!