A Dose of Reality: Can You Handle It?

March 20, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell


March 20, 2023

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

 Philip K. Dick, I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon

Where does one begin when attempting to prepare an accounting of all the real terror, tyranny, warmongering, torture, poisoning, fatal injections, financial manipulation, government and media race-baiting, insane ‘transgender’ promotion, depopulation efforts, police brutality, deadly animal experimentation and slaughter, monetary destruction, and digitization of the entire economy by the ruling class and its government? Is there any amount of dictatorial oppression and felonious corruption that will cause the common man to even blink? How much will this proletariat take until they actually say no, and do something about this heinous and evil State’s totalitarian attempts to control all of society?

Difficulty, strife, and maltreatment due to tyranny, are now seen as something to hide from and avoid, instead of facing head on the problems that threaten this population. Waiting and expecting someone else to fix the problem will not get the job done, and in fact will only make matters much worse. It has been said that saving one life can save the world, but this is not really accurate. Metaphorically speaking, if each and every individual is willing to save one life, especially his own, all life can be saved and society restored, as this will cause a great change in the attitude of the masses so that large numbers of individuals can gain strength en masse. This requires courage and resolve, but when all as individuals decide to help themselves and each other, there is no State force that can oppose them. It boils down to the many against the few, and because of the huge majority we can wield, if each of us is willing to do something to resist, those seeking power will immediately fall. This system cannot be changed or reformed from within, it must first be marginalized and then eliminated.

The reality of our situation is not hidden, it is as stark and obvious as is possible. Anyone seeking to understand the totalitarian nature of the ruling class has but to open his eyes and mind. In the flash of a moment, the terror and the plotted oligarchical control over this country and the world becomes clear, and once known and accepted, the solution should be indisputable, as there are so many of us and so few of them. If all continue to run and hide, and remain dependent on this governing system, too frightened to even help themselves, then the dynamic of numbers will eventually become irrelevant. If and when that happens, violence will be the result, and any violent uprising can never lead to freedom; it can only lead to a more powerful rule.

As should be evident, the entire financial system is now at great risk of failure, but the State is not concerned so long as any staged collapse can be used to make dependent the bulk of the population. If all goes as planned, the result of this debacle will be to implement central bank digital currencies in this country and worldwide, in order to capture and control all peoples through a digital technocratic system. If the many have no access to their wealth and property, cannot buy the food they need to support themselves and their families, cannot gain access to energy stores without compliance, and become reliant on grants of favor from the governing class, then the State will have won.

The massive inflation of the money supply continues unabated, this after the heinous Federal Reserve and those controlling you, stated over and over that no banks would be bailed out in the future. Currently, the plan seems to be, as announced by JP Morgan, that $2 trillion will be injected into the banking system to bail out failing banks. This of course, would only be the beginning. Almost every dime of these ‘injections’ would be stolen by the big banks, after causing many regional banks to go under by spreading fear to depositors. It would be another consolidation of capital at astronomical levels, benefitting only the top players who control nearly all the assets. In other words, the people get cheated and abused again, all in the name of ‘protection’ by the State. The ruling class will capture well over 99% while the general populace loses all.

Many claim that this is due to mistakes, intertest rate increases, and unsound banking, but that is all smoke and mirrors. Unsound banking practices have been the norm since the Federal Reserve was created, and even long before, and purposely so. We live in a time of total corruption, fractional reserve banking, intentional monetary inflation, and outright theft of all money, property, and assets, by the tiny ruling class. This all has happened with the help of this controlled, bought and paid for, and evil government. This is not about interest rates, it is not about bad management, or unsound banking ‘practices,’ as all these things were done intentionally in order to steal most everything, and then control who and what is left. Attempting to lay blame by using these excusatory rationalizations, hides the big picture, allowing concentration on the isolation and criticism of particular individuals, mismanagement, and certain entities, while the real problem that is criminal corruption of the entire system, is ignored by the economically ignorant proletariat herd.

Dare I say it again for the thousandth time; everything that has happened, and everything that is happening, has been planned in advance, is not coincidental or accidental, is not natural or organic, and is not a mistake; it is all intentional; it is all conspiracy. It is all related to achieving an agenda of mass control. It is not democrat or republican, it is not liberal or conservative, it is not left or right; it is all these things and more, because there is no difference in any political party or class. Evil is evil, evil begets evil, and all politics, government, and most all of those who choose to rule, are evil.

If the State succeeds, there will be more war; not only against falsely ‘claimed’ enemies from afar, but especially against the people at large. There will be mass depopulation. There will be financial collapse, just as planned, and then there will be the final controlling element of society that is digital currency issued through central banks controlled eventually at the global level. In fact, there will be total digitization of all personal and economic processes. This is the goal sought by the banking and corporate technocrats who seek control of this and every other government. There is no savior but self, as no politician (master) of any stripe will ever free the slaves who continue to bow to power.

Do not be fooled by the excuses and hype. Do not be fooled by the coming Trump staged ‘arrest’ fiasco and distraction. Do not surrender to any election absurdity. Do not buy into the lie that all can be fixed by doing the same things again. Do not accept false promises and any perception of so-called reform. Do not believe political and media soothsayers. Simply rely on self and the reality that is unfolding before you, by searching within your own mind for truth, instead of simply existing in the psychological madness that is the delusional outside game of life.

The solution is up to you; each of you, and nobody can do it for you. It is a matter of sovereign individuals banding together against the State en masse, while forever remaining independent in mind, body, and thinking. The power possessed by large numbers cannot be defeated unless the majority remains in the collective herd of anonymity, indifference, and cowardice, and refuses to help themselves.

“There is no reality except the one contained within us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside of them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself.”

Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf