A *Holocaust Anniversary to Commemorate in July 

April 19, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

Let us observe memorials to the forgotten holocausts 

By Michael Hoffman

Yosef Haim Ben-David (center) with police and defense attorney

July 2, 2014: Israeli settler Yosef Haim Ben-David and his two nephews kidnap and burn alive a 16 year old Palestinian youth, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, in East Jerusalem.
On July 1 the three Israelis had attempted to kidnap and murder an 8 year-old Palestinian child in East Jerusalem, but the boy’s mother heroically fought off his three would-be abductors.
What happened in Palestine is nothing new. During the Middle Ages Ashkenaz Judaics kidnapped and ritually murdered Christian children, as documented by Israeli historian Ariel Toaff, the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, in his banned book, Blood Passover.
 Muhammad Abu Khdeir: Palestinian teenager abducted and burned alive by Israeli settlers
According to historian Sergio Luzzatto, Blood Passover “is a magnificent work of history…Toaff holds that from 1100 to about 1500, in the period between the First Crusade and the twilight of the Middle Ages, some crucifixions of Christian children really happened…Neither in Trent in 1475 nor in other areas of Europe in the late Middle Ages were the Jews always innocent.”
“My research shows that in the Middle Ages, a group of fundamentalist Jews (had) a passion for revenge that in some cases led to responses, among them ritual murder of Christian children…I believe there is no room for doubt in terms of historiography…”
—Ariel Toaff, Bar Ilan University
One of the victims was an infant, Saint Simon of Trent. All pontiffs since Pope Paul VI have suppressed his memory and the testimony by Catholic witnesses of his victimization. All images and memorials commemorating St. Simon have been removed from Trent, Italy by order of the modern Church of Rome.
The memory of the holocausts perpetrated against our children are suppressed. This is considered a positive moral act in the West today.
Only one “Holocaust” is permitted to be recognized and remembered. It is considered a hate crime to recall what Talmudists have perpetrated against Christians, or the Israeli holocaust against Arabs.
*Holocaust: burnt offering. From the Latin, holocaustum, derived from the ancient Greek ὁλόκαυστος‎(holókaustos).
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