A List of Everybody In America More Essential Than LeBron James

August 7, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike


No, I’m not going to list every American who’s not a murderer or rapist or other elected Democrat.  Unfortunately, I truncated my list of essential jobs in America when I wrote about the pampered pants-wetters of professional sports, so I need to proceed toward a comprehensive list.
But a word about LeBron James, first.  Mr. James is quite supportive of the Maoists in China because he profits from them and seems not to care, at all, about how the Chinese people are actually treated worse in their own country than he claims he’s treated in America.  How supportive of the Maoists on the streets of America will he be when he gets cancelled– and he will get cancelled if the Marxists/Maoists have their say.  You know the Maoists I speak of, the ones usurping the worthy effort to bring attention to the need for Americans to tend to “race relations.”
You see, America was a place where people could take what God gave them and develop it to the extent that they were willing to work to do.  Amazingly, this has applied to Americans of every skin tone for many many years. This is how Mr. James became a professional athlete, earning as much as somebody was willing to pay him to play.  Sure the farmer and garbage collecter may arguably be more valuable or essential to you than Mr. James, and the Maoists are annoyed by the pay disparity between them, but they work for what they agree to, as does Mr. James, and this is partly what makes America great.  Now, I haven’t paid much attention to professional basketball since Lew Alcindor played, not including when phenoms arose, like Michael Jordan playing for Chicago, and the ACTUAL DREAM TEAM ran up and down court showing what liberty can beget when kids have healthy bodies and dreams and opportunity.  You might recall that first and ACTUAL DREAM TEAM was a juggernaut partly because it was not populated by men who would later dismiss the flag they played under, knowing America was the land of opportunity.  Partly they were the undisputed kings of the court because they knew what an assist was and really found them to be worthwhile as far as winning basketball games goes.  That was basketball at it’s undisputed finest.
Back to the topic:   Mr. James will not be paid fabulous sums of money for much longer if the Maoists agitating on the streets get their way.  Right now he supports them, whether he means to support the usurpers or not.  That’s how usurpation works; it’s like Democrats claiming to love the Constitution and your rights in order to get your vote, spitting on you afterward.
In short, everybody in America who contributes to the well-being of all of us is more essential that Mr. James.
We all can live without professional basketball and those who play it.  But who will survive if nobody drills for oil, refines the oil, trucks oil products to distributors and makes them available for sale so that we might drive our automobiles and bicycles lubricated with those products of petroleum distillation?  Who will survive if nobody plants the seeds and tends to the trees that produce our vegetables and fruits?  Who will survive if nobody tends to the beasts of burden and animals we consume for protein?  Who will survive if all of these products are not trucked to grocery stores and put on shelves by grocery store workers?  Who will survive if the medications we need to live are not produced by the chemists who conceive them and sold by the pharmacists who understand them and sell them as prescribed by the doctors who have to examine us in all of our glorious infirmities?  Who will survive if we haven’t the ovens and implements of cooking which we use to prepare our food, the gas and electricity running down pipelines and via millions of miles of copper wires?  They are manufactured by people who are not dribbling or pretending to have been fouled and being paid many thousands of dollars per minute to do so.
So, who is more essential than LeBron James?
Who is not would be a much shorter list.
Je suis Spike