A Majority of Supreme Court Clowns Deny Justice; Go Full Nathan Jessup On President Trump

June 18, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Je suis Spike for RBN

A Majority of Supreme Court Clowns Deny Justice; Go Full Nathan Jessup On President Trump 


It seems that President Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama told the children of illegal aliens that they can stay in the US, despite the fact that they would benefit as the result of an illegal act; without the aid of the legislature, by an Executive order, Barry unilaterally changed the status of those children to quasi-legal, turning them into pawns to be abused by the Democrat Party. Big surprise, the Democrats hide behind children.


President Donald Trump, recognizing that we are a nation of laws, issued an executive order reversing Barry’s executive order, as is his prerogative as President. It’s as simple as Barry wrote a note, President Trump erased it and wrote a different note. Really, it should be that simple; this is how the law is supposed to work.

Well, never ones to be inhibited by the law, some liberals took up a legal action to challenge the Constitutional validity of President Trump’s executive order that reverses/erases Barry’s executive order.

This challenge worked its way through what has become a joke in America, our legal system, until reaching the US Supreme Clown Court. (My apologies to clowns who are awesome and, unlike Justice John “The Jesus President Appointed Me” Roberts, ALWAYS do their jobs with vigor, aplomb and appropriately.)

Well, guess what! A mob, a bunch, a majority of Supreme Clowns didn’t like the way President Trump conducted himself. Never mind the Executive’s prerogative to undo a previous executive order with another executive order, President Trump didn’t ask nicely if he could rescind Barry Soetoro’s overreach which denied another branch of (mostly) clowns, the Legislature, its prerogative in making law. Of course, the legislature didn’t want to deal with something so simple as the law, anyway, so were glad that Barry did.

So, if you remember your A FEW GOOD MEN, just as Colonel Jessup insisted that a defense attorney, Danny, ask him nicely for something Danny wanted, transfer orders, before agreeing to give them, five Supreme Clowns demand that President Trump ask nicely before they will rule in favor of his reversal of Barry’s executive order. At least our movie Colonel did his job in the end, unlike our Supreme Clowns who denied justice and will continue to deny justice in this matter.

Abbreviated for clarity.

Danny: (To Colonel Nathan Jessup) I just need a copy of the transfer order.

Colonel Jessup: What’s that?

Danny: Santiago’s transfer order, I just need it for the file.

Colonel Jessup: Of course you can have a copy of the transfer order for the file, Danny, I’m here to help in any way I can.

Danny: Thank you.

Colonel Jessup: You believe that, don’t you, Danny, that I’m here to help you in any way I can?

Danny: Of course.

Colonel Jessup: …you can have all the transfer orders that you want.

Danny: (To his companions on the defense team) Let’s go.

Colonel Jessup: But you have to ask me nicely.

Danny: I beg your pardon.

Colonel Jessup: You have to ask me nicely. You see, Danny, I can deal with the bullets and the bombs and the blood, I don’t want money and I don’t want medals. What I do want is for you to stand there in that [mumbled] white uniform and, with your Harvard mouth, extend some effing courtesy. [Pause.] You gotta ask me nicely.

Then Danny does ask Colonel Jessup nicely, in a subservient manner, for a copy of the transfer order. Then Colonel Jessup agrees to his request with a dismissive wave of his hand, saying, “No problem.”

So, at the link below, we can find the US Supreme Clown Court going all Colonel Jessup on President Trump.   The Clowns (hereafter referred to as Justices) tell President Trump that their decision to deny his Presidential prerogative is, “…not an assessment of the correctness of the 2012 DACA program itself.” thereby telling him that they’re not saying DACA can’t be undone by an executive order, but President Trump didn’t ask correctly, that is, nicely. They deem his executive order as being “arbitrary and capricious.” The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what President Trump’s intention is with his issuing an executive order any more than it matters what he had for breakfast.   So, the court is telling the President and all Americans that they do not care about the law, they just don’t like President Trump and they’re going to tell him and all of the people just to pound sand. If that’s not interjecting politics into the Judiciary, I don’t know what is.


The high court said Trump’s 2017 move to cancel his predecessor Barack Obama’s landmark Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was “arbitrary and capricious” under government administrative procedures.

The judgement on a five-to-four vote, with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the court’s four liberal members, stressed that it was not an assessment of the correctness of the 2012 DACA program itself.

Instead, they said the Trump administration had violated official government procedures in the way they sought to quickly rescind DACA in September 2017 based on weak legal justifications.

So, remember, now, when you go to court, the law doesn’t matter, so you had damn well better ask the judge nicely.

Je suis Spike