Abortion Protesters are Entirely Ignorant of the Facts

June 29, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Lex Greene

June 28, 2022

Democrat Socialist politicians and entertainment personalities have been telling American women that they have a “constitutionally protected Right to murder their children in the womb” ever since the fatally flawed Roe v. Wade ruling. It has always been a complete and total outright lie. No such Right exists anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of specifically protected Rights.

As always, democrat socialist politicians and activists depend upon the complete gross ignorance of their constituents for their own political power. Even the most blatantly obvious lies pass without any questions from leftist voters and recent Supreme Court rulings proves the point beyond any doubt. Their entire protest is based upon a set of well-circulated purposeful outright lies, perpetuated by democrat socialists for decades.

None of our Rights come from the U.S. Constitution at all

Not only does the U.S. Constitution NOT protect or even mention any Right of Abortion, but it also doesn’t mention any Rights of the People at all, anywhere in the document. That’s because the U.S. Constitution has nothing whatsoever to do with any Rights of the People.

Instead, the U.S. Constitution only refers to the Powers and Duties of the three separate branches of the Federal Government. The document establishes the functional duties and limited powers of each branch and assigns certain duties in common on behalf of all member States and legal Citizens. It has nothing to do with any “Rights of the People” at all.

Protections for Rights of the People exist in the U.S. Bill of Rights, NOT the Constitution.

Apparently, democrat socialist voters have never read and were never taught the basic truths about their Charters of Freedom and Liberty, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights is not a “granting of the Rights of the People” either. Instead, it is an additional prohibition or restriction of federal authority over the several enumerated natural Rights of the People which appear in the first ten amendments to the Constitution.

Again, nothing in the Bill of protected Rights of the people mentions anything at all about some alleged Right of Women to murder their young in the womb. Only the things specifically stated in the Bill of Rights, are protected by the Bill of Rights. NOTE: The 14th Amendment is not part of the Bill of Rights.

Therefore, there never was and never will be any “constitutionally protected Right to Abortion.” Roe v. Wade was a fatally flawed court decision that has cost the evil murder of more than 70-million innocent babies in the womb. To the contrary, LIFE itself was established as a protected inalienable Right in the Declaration of Independence, as without an inalienable Right to Life itself, there can be no Right to Liberty or Happiness.

The recent decision of the Supreme Court to vacate Roe v. Wade is entirely correct, as a matter of Constitutional Law. No such Right ever existed. The Roe v. Wade decision was the gross political overreach of federal and judicial authority, and that decision was entirely repugnant to everything in our Charters of Freedom. The fact that a very sick nation allowed that evil decision to stand for 50-years before vacating it is irrelevant. There is no wrong time to do the right thing!

Facts are not based on what you want to be true. Facts are just true and usually self-evident. Facts also don’t care how you feel about them…

Here are the closing FACTS

  1. Abortion does not appear in any Founding Document at all, much less as a “Right” protected by any of those documents. Therefore, there is no such thing as a “constitutionally protected Right to abortion” and there never was.
  2. Roe v. Wade was a fatally flawed court opinion which directly violated the “inalienable Right to Life” in the Declaration of Independence, which establishes the foundational principals of the greatest free society ever known to mankind. If you don’t have a basic Right to Life, then you have no Rights at all.
  3. The Rights of the People do not come from the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Rights are not “privileges” granted by any governmental body. Rights are “endowed by our Creator,” as established in our Declaration, derived from “the Laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God.”
  4. The Constitution only defines and establishes the limited power of the Federal Government, and the means by which government can execute the limited duties assigned it in the document.
  5. The Bill of Rights is not an enumeration of The People’s Rights. It is an enumeration of additional restraints placed upon the government.
  6. A “Right to Abortion” exists nowhere in our Founding Documents and nowhere in legislation passed by Congress, nor can it, as it would be a direct violation of the basic human Right to Life. Rights are not derived from any governmental body. However, in the USA, governmental officials take a solemn oath to protect those Rights, and they are in violation of that oath the minute they fail to do so.
  7. The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, vacating Roe v. Wade, does not “ban abortion nationwide.” It simply ends federal protection of an alleged Right that never did exist.
  8. Murder is defined as “the taking of the life of another, not in self-defense.” Abortion is “murder” of the most innocent lives on earth, by legal definition.
  9. The ONLY time a “woman’s right to choose” is taken from her, is in the cases of rape. As we know, these cases account for less than 1% of all abortions in the USA. Women have many choices to make. These choices sometimes result in an unplanned pregnancy. But in over 99% of cases, this condition and circumstance is a direct result of choices the woman made of her own free will.
  10. An aborted pregnancy under the direction of a qualified ethical doctor, when the pregnancy is deemed unsafe for the mother by a doctor, is not murder. It’s a medical decision best made by a qualified ethical medical professional and the patient, not a court or any political body.

So, every person protesting the Supreme Court decision to finally vacate a horrifically flawed previous court ruling that has cost more innocent American lives than all wars combined, is doing so out of pure ignorance of the facts, or a totally evil disregard for the truth. The simple reality is, every person protesting for a non-existent right to kill future generations in the womb, the American death cult, have to be completely dumbed-down to a point of mental illness and entirely morally bankrupt. This is the real crisis in the USA today.

As of this landmark ruling, these misguided protesters no longer have federal protection for the evil they so foolishly support. We must hope that this will cause them to search for the truth and their souls, and right themselves while they still have that chance. Those responsible for the spread of lies, are responsible for the ignorance and evil that grips our nation today. But ignorance is a fatal choice too.