ABOVE THE LAW: Illegal Aliens Walk Free After Attacking NYPD Officers

February 2, 2024 in News by RBN Staff






This is the shape of things to come. The plan is unfurling at a rapid pace. Millions of military-aged men have been catapulted into our country by globalist agents within our government.

Just over a month ago, Mike Adams predicted that over the course of this year and next, that we would see “Organized raids of armed illegals attacking and carrying out mass exterminations of police departments,” with the systematic wiping out of all the law enforcement jurisdictions in order to gain control of them.

Mike also predicted that should Trump regain office, the same Globalist-funded Radical Left that rioted in 2020 will revolt over the mass-deportations and they will work to activate all of the military-aged illegals in an effort to jointly overthrow the Trump administration.

He said they will attack the substations, refineries, bridges, ports, water treatment, etc. and they will have some surface-to-air missiles and other weapons. He described an event like the October 7th Hamas attack times a thousand, happening simultaneously.

Well, here we are, four illegal immigrants who were arrested for brutally beating NYPD officers, flipped-off news cameras after being released without bail!

If a New York State Resident were to commit such an attack, let alone a US Citizen, with all of that video evidence, that person would remain in jail without bail and that person would serve a prison sentence.

The Washington Times is reporting that the suspects may have already fled to California.

Also Thursday, 155 House Democrats voted against deporting illegal aliens who commit Social Security fraud and 150 House Democrats voted against deporting illegal aliens arrested for Driving While Intoxicated.

Bureaucrats, moles and agents are waging administrative warfare against the citizens in the US and worldwide.