Activist Erin Brockovich Visits North Texas Town, Addresses Tap Water Concerns

April 16, 2018 in News by RBN Staff





Clean water advocate Erin Brockovich, spoke to hundreds of North Texas residents in a town hall-type meeting on April 5, 2018. Plano, Texas residents had reached out to Brockovich for guidance related to household water-related skin rashes, chlorine water odors, and other worries about Plano’s water.
Water quality expert, Bob Bowcock, who works with Brockovich, accompanied her. Local resident Lauren Stewart, a dermatology physician assistant, rose from the audience and was handed the microphone to share some experiences about eczema treatment and shower filters.

Brockovich set up as a contact place for people concerned about water quality issues.

TOPIC INDEX: Brockovich Intro: 00.00 – 01:24

Brockovich: When I began: 01:2402:58

Brockovich: Why we are here: 02:5803:48

Brockovich: Trihalomethanes (THM): 03:4804:05

Brockovich: THM & chlorine burn: 04:0504:23

Brockovich: System distrust: 04:2305:09

Brockovich: Other Texas succcess: 05:0906:55

Bob Bowcock: Medical doctors: 06:5507:31

Lauren Stewart: Eczema treatment: 07:3109:07

Safer Water, North Texas has the below website.

These are the folks that organized and reached out to Erin Brockovich.