An Open Letter to the American People

February 29, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

capitol dome

I wonder how many reading this would agree that we, the American people, tend to live a somewhat double standard with respect to the principle of moral accountability?  As bold as that may sound, I think I can show that it’s true, and even tragically so.

First take the basic sense of right and wrong, which, generally, most people do possess.  (But then maybe that just depends….which exactly will be my point!)

Consider how, in our private lives and dealings, we’re all pretty good at holding one another accountable and fair about things, even meticulously so sometimes.  Not nearly so much, however, with respect to the official, public sector of society.  Why the disconnect, if it’s true there is one?  As fair-minded, law-abiding citizens, maybe we need to take a serious look at this.

For me, the question is:  Whatever happened to the American psyche, and to the emotional sensitivities of our people, relative to this institution called government?  How is it that the average person can be so on guard, so critical and exacting of his neighbor, while at the same time turn a rather impotent blind eye to whatever it may be that “officialdom” says or does?!  Doesn’t this latter tendency seem pretty lame and pitiful if one simply stops to remember that it was we the everyday people who created and established the positions of governmental authority in the first place, and that WE are supposed to remain in the driver’s seat, having merely delegated to the office holders their certain, strictly regulated duties and powers?

How, then, have we allowed the cart to get before the horse now, such that those supposed hired public servants are largely left unattended, and thus free to run rough shod over the people, ordering us around like we were their slaves?

This is happening because we the people have let it happen.  Over time, we’ve been misled, mis-educated, and have forgotten both our true identity and our responsibilities – – forgotten just who it is that should rightly call the shots in this nation.  Particularly at the federal level, the situation has long been totally out of control.

To cite one gross and tragic case in point:  By and large, our people have bought into the current, monstrous propaganda lie known as the “global war on terror.”  People’s collective brains now seem “fried” to the point that most are not able to see that the very concept and condition called “terrorism” is in large measure a deliberate creation of the very powers officially decrying it, and who then use it as a pretext for further robbing people of their innate, unalienable, God-given rights and liberties.

In our name and with our seeming approval, a sorry American political history is being written.  On a daily basis, in an attempt to justify and cover for the government’s crimes, a prostitute, kept mass media distorts or whitewashes every “sensitive” issue, just as directed.  Wherever secret monopoly controls are at stake, divulging the real truth of things is not allowed.

Just how many foreign nations has a rogue, profligate U.S. government invaded and destroyed under false pretenses just since 9/11 of 2001?  What were the real motives for doing all of this?  Do we the people know or even think to ask?  Look at the chaos created everywhere in the aftermath.  U.S. global intrusions have solved nothing, nor, I might add, were they ever meant to solve anything.

Today we see the demonic insanity raging on still, as conniving psychopaths insist upon and work to ensure the overthrow of nations like Syria and Iran, willing to risk, if necessary, even a third world war involving Russia and China.  Could we say that America has fallen from Her exemplary character as originally envisioned and designed…..or what?!?!

If we the people know our Constitution at all, we should recognize two mandates which figure in here, as both cause and remedy:   The first is that the federal government was never authorized to maintain a permanent, standing army.  (To verify, see Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12 and following.)  Rather, only a navy is to be permanent, and even that is for defense purposes only.  Secondly, we need to realize that it is thanks entirely to the usurious debt “money” system, forced upon us by an international, private banking cartel over a century ago, that a mercenary U.S. government is able to “fund” its never-ending wars and global meddling.  If REAL funding in the form of REAL constitutional dollars were required – – as indeed they should be required – –  such would be impossible, and NONE of this imperial warmongering would be happening.

So, at what point do we the people stand and call a halt?!  In my opinion, rectifying these two gross violations of Law are prime and essential starting points for restoring our peaceful Constitutional Republic.  Realize that every single sitting member of Congress knows all about these two frauds, and they EACH and ALL certainly do need to hear from us concerning them!

Thank You.
Carol Asher
Kamiah, Idaho