Chelsea Clinton Was Completely EMBARRASSED By The Response To Her $2,700 A Ticket ‘SoulCycle’ Fundraiser!!

February 29, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

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 | by Soopermexican

When Chelsea Clinton put out that she was going to run a “SoulCycle” exercise class in order to raise money for Hillary’s campaign at $2,700 a ticket, the media went nuts!

You’d think with all this free publicity that it would have been a huge success!!

Well you’d be wrong! LOL!!

chelsea clinton soulcycle

What the organizer Laurie Cole doesn’t mention here is that there was so little interest in the event that they actually had to drop the ticket prices from $2,700 down to just $50!!

From the Daily Mail:

Chelsea Clinton hosted her highly-hyped Soul Cycle fundraiser for her mother in New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The $2,700-a-head event, which offered just 60 seats at the popular cycling studio’s Tribeca location and promised guests a photo with Chelsea, was expected to sell out quick while raising some easy money for the Hillary Clinton campaign but was ultimately a flop.

Such a flop in fact that in the end some seats were being sold for just $50, roughly the same price it costs to take a regular Soul Cycle class.

CNN reports that Chelsea herself did not participate in the class but did answer questions for guests shortly before they began their stationery ride.

She also entered the event, and exited, through a secret entrance to avoid photographers.

Wow that is sad. We can only hope this lack of interest translates into the general election!!!