Androscoggin County Commission passes resolution to reopen the state amid coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic

May 7, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: News Center Maine

The resolution asks the shutdown and stay-at-home order to become voluntary.


ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY, Maine — The Androscoggin County Commission passes a resolution 6-1 encouraging the immediate reopening of the state amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

“How long do you keep something shut down? How much damage do you allow to be done to the economy?” said chairperson John Michael.

Chairperson John Michael came up with the proposal. It asks the shutdown and stay-at-home order to become voluntary.

“It’s unjustified that this intense level of law would be placed onto Maine people,” said Michael.

Commissioner Noel Madore was the only person who voted against the proposal. He said the commission has no authority to tell the state government what to do.

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“Our role is to take care of the inmates, which isn’t part of this. Our role is to take care of first responders and the Sheriff’s Department. That’s not part of this either,” said Madore.

Madore said he supports Governor Janet Mills’ order.

“It makes sense. It’s not what we want to do exactly because people do want to get to work but it’s balancing health and safety of Mainers,” said Madore.

The commission hopes Governor Mills will consider the resolution to get people back to work.

The commission manages budgets for the county and oversees entities like the jail, courts and the Sheriff’s Department.

Chairperson Michael said he hopes other commissioners in the state come up with similar proposals.

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HAPPENING NOW: The Androscoggin County Commission is considering a resolution to encourage the immediate reopening of the state. Chairman John Michael came up with the proposal. It asks the shutdown and stay-at-home orders to become voluntary @newscentermaine

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