Anonymous Releases Email Allegedly Detailing Western Backed False Flag in Ukraine

April 20, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: The Anti Media

A post was made on the Russian website ‘Live Journal’ on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, by a profile titled Андрей Споров (Andrey Sporaw), containing documents detailing a corrupt plan between “US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh’ and ‘a high ranking official from Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk’, to conduct a series of attacks on Ukrainian military bases to ‘frame up the neighbor’, or in other words, create a Ukrainian false flag event and blame it on Russia. Image credit: whiteoutpress

An Anonymous hacker responsible for the info says-

“We have hacked e-mail correspondence of US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh and a high ranking official from Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk.

It appears that they are planning to conduct a series of attacks on Ukrainian military bases in order to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Particularly, Jason Gresh writes to Igor Protsyk that it’s time to implement a plan that implies “causing problems to the transport hubs in the south-east of Ukraine in order to frame-up the neighbor. It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon to act”, says Jason Gresh.

In his turn, Protsyk writes to some Vasil and tells him to arrange an attack on an airbase of 25 aviation brigade of Ukrainian air force stationed in Melitopol.

This Vasil is responsible for arranging the details of the attack, gathering of the gunmen and providing them with a map of sites that are chosen to be attacked.

We strongly recommend everyone to look through these documents. There you will find all the details. (Anon)”

Though when one tries to click the documents, uploaded to 2 very different file sharing websites, Mediafire and Sendspace, both of them have already been ‘removed for violation’.

The authenticity of this information needs to be verified. One would need to do something such as find out if the anonymous hacker could have known what he said, had the hacker not truly taken the info from hacked emails, or see the emails themselves, but the documents with the details of the emails have already been taken down.

However, if the documents were fake, or non-existent, how could they have already been ‘removed for violation’, from 2 different file sharing sites?

It has not even been 24 hours since the original posting of this information.

It seems someone needs to connect the dots and see if the alleged contents of these hacked emails match up with reality.

If these events actually become reality (or this being leaked prevents this from even happening), maybe we have finally entered into an age where citizen hackers can reveal the psychopathic plans of powerful people, before they execute them and ruin the lives of innocent people.

Please share this with as many people as possible, so that anyone who wants to know what is going on can stumble upon this, to verify or debunk this information, to interpret it however with the full picture of what is happening in Ukraine and the world.

Below are the screen-capped images of the documents ‘removed for violation’ not even 24 hours after being posted-

Here is a link to the Russian site containing the links to the documents: ,