August 22, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  blacklistednews




So recently I was looking into the Buffalo mass shooting from May 14th and I found something interesting. The real target for the massacre was a man working on a patent for a hydrogen truck he was building in his garage. You may have heard of him, retired police officer Aaron Salter jr. who was all over the news that day portrayed as a hero. Sadly he was not portrayed a hero for what he was attempting to create.

What’s curious is he’s not the only hydrogen car inventor to be killed for attempting to do so… just the most recent one. Other inventors to be killed for going against big oil.

Stan Myers

He invented a hydrogen car and drove it around the country. Died mysteriously before getting it to market.

Another hit for going against big oil.

Tom Ogle

He invented a way for a car to run off fumes instead of liquid gas that made a 100 mpg engine and was eventually driven to poverty then suicided.

My thesis is oil is a scam and we already have the tech to change the world. The only problem is there is to much money to scam from oil sales.