Armed IRS and ATF Gun Raid in Montana: What Should Be Learned?

June 26, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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June 26, 2023

“The politicians of your country will always try to encircle you with the high walls of lies! You must know that the truth is beyond the walls and without meeting the truth you cannot meet the freedom!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

On June 15th, 20 armed IRS and ATF (Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco, and Firearms) agents raided, according to the owner of Highwood Creek Outfitters and others, his gun store in Great Falls, Montana. This was first and foremost, an IRS operation, with help from the ATF, both federal agencies. According to sources reporting, and what the IRS claims, this raid was meant to gain financial records, but all Form 4473s held by this store were said to have been seized, even though the supposed warrant did not mention these forms. Apparently, the IRS stole all of these forms held by Highwood Creek Outfitters during this assault, and without cause to do so; or at least this is what is being presented.

As an aside, the Great Falls Police Department, according to local TV station KRTV, confirmed that they were informed in advance of this raid, and participated by providing ‘security,’ but the Montana Department of ‘Justice,’ claimed no involvement, although an IRS spokesperson confirmed their presence at the store. This is all par for the course, as government agencies, state and federal, are birds of a feather, and lie and collude during these attacks against society.

Concerning government, absolutely no one at the local, state or federal level, including the mainstream media, can be trusted to do the right thing, protect any liberty of the individual, or tell the truth about any assault on what is falsely referred to as the ‘public.’ Nothing should be believed unless it can be factually verified, as the corruption and gross fraud connected with these entities is rampant and all-consuming.

This event has been reported nationwide, and covered by many different gun organizations, bloggers, TV stations, and others, mostly from the same angles, but what was the reason for this raid at this particular time? Why this shop, in this location, and why would the IRS be involved in leading this coup? Was it known about in advance by all, or was this really some singular plotted secret raid on one shop in a small city in Montana? Something does not make sense here, but finding the truth may not be possible, given the continuous lies by most involved. Could it have been a test run meant to set the stage for many more of these raids, or was it done to prepare the proletariat for accepting more invasions against gun owners? If the Montana Department of Justice, and local police, had advance notice, did the politicians know as well? The owner stated that his shop had been under surveillance and investigation for a long time, so why was this such a surprise?

There is a very gross misunderstanding of this subject to begin with, so why not ask many uncomfortable questions? First, every time anyone buys a gun from a licensed dealer, it has to be registered, background checks made,  and approved by the feds. The Form 4473, has to be filled out completely, with all personal information, which is given to the feds in order to gain approval for the sale. I filled in two of these just last month. Many, including dealers, claim that the information on these forms is private, and held only by the physical dealer. This notion is asinine, whether the dealer holds the originals or not. The exact gun purchased, while fully recorded by the dealer, may not be used in the approval process, but every purchaser of any gun through a dealer is already known and recorded by government. So if anyone believes that the government does not know who is buying guns, and when and where, they are very confused. If the government wanted  to capture all registered gun purchasers, and they do, they already have all the names, addresses, and complete information necessary to do so.

This particular case is completely full of holes. Questions should abound, but most all discussed is about an invasion by the evil feds, and they are pure evil of course, to gain ‘private’ information about purchasers of guns from ‘legal’ dealers, when in fact, they already have most all that information. My comments here are not meant in any way to assume anything, or to accuse any without solid evidence, but something is amiss or left out of this story.

Gun control is being pursued very aggressively by many factions, and by this heinous government continuously, but it is not just one side or the other, it is both in many circumstances. If it were not, there would not be thousands and thousands of laws (obviously agreed to by both sides) against owning guns, regardless of the type of weapon. It seems that most of the pro-gun people firmly believe that they are protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. This is farcical, an outright lie, and ludicrous. No constitution, or any amendment to such a worthless government document, drafted by politicians, can protect any ‘right.’ The right to self-defense is natural, and no government piece of parchment can protect natural inherent rights, for government cannot give rights, it only takes them away.

There is much more going on with this recent raid than meets the eye, but the proper questions are not being asked, and therefore certainly not being answered. Why would the government goons expose themselves in such a bold manner with a small gun store in the middle on no-where Montana? Why would they steal information not listed in their bogus warrant; when they have most all that information already? What do the politicians gaining the spotlight due to this so-called raid, have to gain from this mass exposure? Who knew about this in advance, besides the Montana Department of Justice, the police, the IRS, the ATF, and likely several others?

I am not discounting in any way, the criminal severity of this attack on the liberty of the people, as everything done by politicians, government, mainstream media, and all its enforcers, is far beyond the scope of common sanity and morality. Inherent evil exists in these members of the ruling class and all their institutions. But things are not always as they seem, so it is best to scrutinize everything within the realm of rule, regardless of any discomfort in doing so, and regardless of those reporting on it.

Concerning politicians, government, and media, believe absolutely nothing, trust absolutely nothing, question everything, and once all the honest information is at hand, at least in a manner  studied and vetted, then make a decision as to what is the real truth. Always understand that most everything being presented to you by the State and its mouthpieces, invariably begins with lies.

“One of the greatest responsibilities for the people of our time is to accept everything that he hears in the pro-government media as a lie and to investigate the truth from independent sources personally!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

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Armed IRS/ATF Agents Raid Gun Store in Montana