Assad Straight Talk on German Television

March 2, 2016 in News by RBN

via: Freedom4um

Interviewed by Germany-based ARD television on March 1, his remarks were refreshingly straightforward and candid like always – polar opposite Obama’s demagogic rantings.

He pledged to go all-out to make cessation of hostilities work, knowing huge obstacles he faces.

Multiple opposition element breaches continue daily, US-supported terrorists masquerading as moderates entirely responsible.

“(W)e have refrained from retaliating in order to give” the agreement a chance to work, he explained. “(E)verything has a limit. It depends on the other side,” so far showing little inclination for diplomatic conflict resolution.

Days into the agreement, conflict continues raging. Assad hasn’t given up hope for things can work. At the same time, he knows what he’s up against – the power of America, Israel and their rogue allies wanting him ousted, Syrian sovereignty destroyed.

He minced no words, saying “(w)hoever holds armaments against civilians or against private or public property, legally is a terrorist.”

It’s the same everywhere. No nation tolerates armed opposition, massacring people, committing atrocities, responsible for vast destruction. It’s the obligation of state power to  confront it forcefully, in defense of its people.

The term “rebels” is a misnomer, Assad stressed. A so-called “moderate opposition” doesn’t exist. Syria is combatting foreign-supported extremists – ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.

Liberation requires defeating them. Half-way measures won’t work. “(T)here’s no civil war (ongoing) because the definition is wrong,” he explained.

“(I)t’s the (foreign backed) terrorists versus” civil society, ordinary Syrian wanting peace and stability, their sovereignty respected, their exclusive right to choose who’ll lead them.

“(M)y political fate is only linked to the will of the Syrian people,” Assad stressed. If they no longer want his leadership, he’ll “leave…right away, without any hesitation, because if you want to succeed as an official (in any position, including president), you need the support of the public.”

Legitimacy depends on it. Asked about early March 2011 demonstrations leading to war, he discounted the phony Western narrative. “The whole story didn’t exist,” he said. “It didn’t happen.”

“It was only propaganda…a fallacious narrative” used as a pretext for the horrors that followed, continuing daily, civilians suffering most.

When foreign-backed terrorists from scores of countries are slaughtering people and committing atrocities, “(w)e have only one option…stop them and prevent them from continuing the killing,” Assad explained.

He remains committed to serve his country, to preserve its sovereignty, to help his long-suffering people.

Dark forces in Washington continue waging war, wanting Syria entirely raped and destroyed.