Attn: Texas SBOE – Put REAL Math Back into our Classrooms!

June 8, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


Texas State Board of Education; Donna Bahorich, SBOE Chairman 
United States of America 

* Are your kids struggling in math?
* Have your kids stopped bringing home their math homework?
*Are your kids missing important pieces of their math learning, like learning multiplication tables or actually solving equations rather than just identifying them?
Have you chalked it up to, “it’s just new math?”

The problem is the national standards (common core) have been forced into our Texas TEKS (state standards).

The Texas State Board of Education is fully aware of this and they are ignoring parent and teacher complaints.

They have been approached repeatedly by parents who have requested that they modify or repeal and replace the standards immediately. One expert, Dr. Jim Milgram, has said that after three years exposure to these poorly written standards, our kids will no longer be able to be remediated to learn actual math facts.

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Listen to Stanford Professor and expert mathematician Jim Milgram here:

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Attn: Donna Bahorich, Texas SBOE Chairman

We, the undersigned Texas parents, taxpayers and educators call on the Texas SBOE to immediately repeal and replace the corrupt math standards that have been forced on our Texas classrooms. It has been made clear to the board that the root of the problems lie in the immersion of the national standards and our Texas TEKS.

The math standards are convoluted, not streamlined, are creating gaps in our children’s learning and are in violation of our Texas Education Code. When the national standards were forced into our TEKS, expert mathematician Dr. James Milgram, advised the SBOE that the immersed standards resulted in confusion for students, some had no purpose, some were backwards, some were at inappropriate age development levels (too advanced or too late) and others were vague. Dr. Milgram has said that after three years of this type of chaos in math instruction that it will be unlikely to ever remediate a student that has been long term exposed to it.

Parents do not want this matter pushed until the September SBOE meeting. We want it addressed immediately, even if the board has to call a special session. You are compounding the harm to our children every day that you push this issue to the next session. We demand answers now.