Barbasol Shaving Cream Cuts Down Gillette In New Commercial (Updated)

January 29, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Red State | by Brad Slager


By now we have all been made aware of the commercial spot from Gillette excoriating males, reducing the company down to a punchline. The general public reaction has been full of mockery and Gillette is striving to put up the best spin. The company offers up a Morning Consult survey that shows general approval for the commercial about toxic masculinity.

This dose of good news is only slightly compromised by the fact that the survey was actually weighted by a majority of female respondents.



A company shilling a product sold predominantly to men thought it a good idea to target their customer base as deeply problematic, and gave their advertising over to a feminist advertising company and to prove they were correct they polled a majority of women on their decision.

Companies have played off of this stumble by Gillette, and the latest is one of the best reactions. Barbasol, the shaving cream that has been around for a century decided to go in a completely opposite direction.

A World War 2 soldier addresses the camera, by which he is addressing his millennial grandson. His efforts at coaching lads of today to at least shave like a man feels far more correct than Gillette’s finger wagging.

“Listen hashtag”, indeed.

Update: It has since been learned this is not in fact a new advertisement, but one from a prior ad campaign. Barbasol initially ran these spots in 2013. The content though still serves as a fine rebuttal to the Gillette toxic-masculinity offering.


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