Biden Documents shipped to Tucker Carlson Found at UPS Facility

November 1, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Biden Documents shipped to Tucker Carlson are Found at UPS Facility

(TLB) Editor: Most of the Conspiracy Theories about what happened to the Biden Papers that were sent from Fox News in NY to Tucker Carlson in So. California can now be laid to rest.

Questions do remain as to how the sealed box got opened in the first place resulting in the Documents being found (unopened envelope) on a supervisors desk and a Thumb Drive (part of the shipment) found elsewhere on the floor of the UPS facility.

Quick Watson, my pipe.  (TLB)

UPS has found documents that went missing in transit to Tucker Carlson, putting to rest questions about the whereabouts of a trove that the Fox News host had called “damning” of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s family.

“After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return,” a UPS spokesman told the Daily Beast on Thursday. “UPS will always focus first on our customers and will never stop working to solve issues and make things right.”

While the successful search resolved the issue of the documents’ whereabouts, questions remain about how they disappeared from a package sent to Carlson in California from a producer in New York — and who, if anyone, was behind it. Without naming the company involved or specifically saying the papers were purposely targeted and stolen, Carlson suggested on his show on Wednesday night that the disappearance wasn’t coincidental.  (RT-USA News)


UPS Senior Public Relations Manager Matthew O’Connor told Business Insider on Thursday afternoon that the documents are located and are being sent to Carlson.

It came after Glenn Zaccara, UPS’s corporate media relations director, confirmed Carlson used the company to ship the materials before they were lost.