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Published: July 30, 2023


Body Of Missing Crypto Billionaire Found Chopped Up In Suitcase

Fernando Perez Algaba had been staying in Argentina for a week before his alleged murder.

Fernando Perez Algaba, the cryptocurrency influencer from Argentina who had been missing for more than a week, was found dead on Wednesday. Police found Mr Algaba’s remains inside a suitcase near a stream in Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, according to New York Post. The grisly case came to light after a group of children found the red suitcase filled with body parts while playing by the stream on Sunday, the outlet further said. The entrepreneur was missing since July 19.

Quoting local media, the Post said that the children’s parents informed the police who inspected the package and found Mr Algaba’s legs and forearms. His other arm was found in the stream.

On Wednesday, the police found the missing head and torso.

They said the body parts were cleanly amputated, suggesting the work of a professional, as per the outlet.

The police sent the body for autopsy and the report revealed that Mr Algaba was shot three times before his body was chopped up.

They were able to identify Mr Algaba by his fingerprints and the distinctive tattoos on the body parts.

As per a Marca report, the self-made billionaire was based in Barcelona, where he shifted from Miami. He had been staying in Argentina for a week before his alleged murder.

Mr Algaba accumulated his wealth by renting luxury vehicles and selling cryptocurrency and flaunted his lavish lifestyle to almost one million followers on Instagram.

The influencer had rented an apartment and was supposed to return the keys on July 19, but failed to show up and sis not answer the phone after which a missing complaint was filed by the property owner, according to the outlet.

Post a commentThe police have arrested one person in connection with Mr Algaba’s death and are investigating why he was killed. They, however, suspect that he was killed over his numerous debts.