Boebert Facing Defamation Lawsuit

October 6, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Accuse someone of libel, and they sue for defamation … wow. Nice move. (sarcasm)





GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Colorado 3rd Congressional District congresswoman Lauren Boebert is being sued by a political action committee (PAC) based in North Carolina.

American Muckrakers is a non-profit PAC organization that claims they are dedicated to “holding terrible politicians accountable.” They’re suing Boebert for defamation. American Muckrakers President David Wheeler says Boebert’s claimed that the PAC knew certain allegations against her were false, and they posted them on their website regardless.

The allegations in question against Boebert include having two abortions , being an unpaid escort and her involvement in an ATV crash in 2019 in which she is alleged to have been drinking.

American Muckrakers says the allegations made against Boebert came from hours of recorded phone calls and other information from former friends of Boebert, former employees and republican political operatives in Colorado. The PAC says Boebert lied about American Muckrakers claims and it has had a negative financial impact on the PAC.

KKCO/KJCT called representative Boebert’s office about the defamation suit and claims against her but have not yet heard back.





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