Both Parties in Congress are Hopelessly Corrupt, Unlawfully Spending Our Money

May 16, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews

By Andrew Wallace

May 16, 2023

Brutal words, I know, but absolutely true! With very few exceptions, our elected officials have been bribed to destroy the American People and our Culture.

They do this by transferring the peoples’ hard- earned wages to the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy families and their Communist minions in ‘woke’ corporations and government.

To give you a visceral understanding of the Enemy, let me quote the following from Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary:

“The arrest of Trump has the single purpose of establishing for all time that the American Elite who rule will not tolerate a President who represents the people and not themselves.”

President Trump is far from perfect. But he is certainly not the man falsely-portrayed by left-wing media, vilified, lied about, framed and constantly persecuted with bogus charges. Is it any wonder that the ignorant masses have been brainwashed to hate him?

President Trump (warts and all) is the first and only President with the knowledge, courage and proven ability to return us to prosperity and our Constitutional Republic.

Trump was returning our country to the use of tariffs (which increases jobs and eliminates need for income tax), stopped wars for profit, closed the borders, was bringing the troops home, increased living standards of the people, was returning us to Constitutional Law, etc. The Communists should be well-aware that we patriots know these facts!

To accomplish total domination, the PSRRC has constructed a “Big Blood-Sucking Machine” to rule us by the barrel of a gun, without any connection to our Constitution.

Remember, the Constitution is the “Supreme Law Of The Land.” How are they screwing us? Let me elaborate on the major treason that allows them to rob us blind and murder millions. Yes, I know that the Constitution specifies that you can only be charged with treason for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. But I maintain that our elected officials and bureaucrats have done more than that.

First, Congress passed unconstitutional laws to form unlawful departments, agencies and organizations, concentrating power in an unlawful “Big Blood-Sucking Machine” funded unlawfully with taxes, with no lawful authority for its existence.

The best known of these fake government organizations are Departments of Labor, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Education, Energy, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and, of course, the most destructive of all, the Federal Reserve Bank.

These fake laws, departments, agencies, etc., allowed the PSRRC to concentrate power, unlawfully fund their Communist plantations with taxes from working Americans, launder money unlawfully, murder millions and impoverish the people. If this is not treason , what is?

But another evil and insidious part of the fake government is that Congress unconstitutionally gave these un-elected bureaucrats (the Administrative State) the power to make and enforce edicts with the power of law.

The Constitution (which is the only lawful authority) states that the federal government can only spend money that is authorized by the Enumerated Powers. Maybe only 20-30% of public expenditures is spent lawfully!

The “Enumerated Powers” restricts them to expenditures and actions related ONLY to Defense, Immigration, Foreign Relations, Commerce, Post Office, Post Roads, Indian Affairs, Currency and misc.

The Big Blood-Sucking Machine consisting of all the illegal departments and unlawful employees is not a part of our constitutional (lawful) government and has no authorization to spend your money! I call this treason!

The Federal Government can’t lawfully spend your money on foreign aid, undeclared wars, state responsibilities such as welfare, medical care, housing, policing etc, and financial support of illegal invaders or legal immigrants, etc., etc.

Note that the Constitutional restrictions of the Enumerated Powers prohibit the federal government from spending money in the states!

Otherwise, the federal government could control the states with money, as it mostly does now because governors are bribed to ignore their Constitutional Responsibilities.

Presidential Executive orders have no authority in the states and must also comply with the Enumerated Powers! Executive Orders apply ONLY to federal employees and agencies. The president and the courts have no lawful authority to make laws.

Only the legislature can pass laws. Publius Hulda, one of my favorite Constitutional Experts said the following in her Blog:

“Furthermore, all pretended regulations made by the ATF are also unconstitutional as in violation of Art. I, Sec. 1, U.S. Constitution, which vests ALL legislative powers granted by the Constitution in CONGRESS. Executive agencies have no lawful authority whatsoever to make rules or regulations of general application to The People!”

If you apply what Publius Hulda just said to all the unconstitutional laws, the unlawful departments listed above, the unlawful actions taken against citizens, the unlawful expenditures, you must correctly determine that an estimated 70-80% of the Beast that rules over us is but an “Unconstitutional Big Blood-Sucking Machine”. The worker robots are just ignorant and unlawful employees. The bureaucrats and those in Congress who voted for the unlawful departments and unlawfully funded them are simply guilty of treason. These are the same people who will be rewarded by the PSRRC for their treason.

Congress continues to enact unconstitutional laws and spend our money to unlawfully enrich the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class and their Communist minions in ‘woke’ corporations and government.

When anyone brings these actions to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), many times the response is to refuse to hear the case because of “Lack of Standing”.

I have been told that a majority of lawyers and judges are democrats who have no knowledge of Organic law, little about legislative law and were only taught common law (case Law) which is based on the Bible.

I was admonished in my early days as a trooper never to refer to the Constitution (Organic Law) before a judge unless I wanted to be laughed out of court.

What I am pointing out is that many lawyers and the judiciary have little respect for, or knowledge of the organic laws. To them law is what the judge says it is. Which, of course, is false.

Since most of the money for bribes comes from our ‘woke’ corporations, a little explanation is required.

Our large corporations are ‘woke’ because their stock is controlled by the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class, the wealthy families who care not a whit for the success of the corporation or the country. If this was not so, they would not have fought against tariffs that would have allowed them to continue manufacturing in the United States, with a viable middle class of consumers. They would not have promoted LGBT or Transgenderism with negative results for corporate sales (ie. Bud Light, Hershey, Jack Daniels). They would not have participated in Financialization, which weakens the corporations and requires government bailouts in lean times. Not to mention their massive support of the Communist BLM and Antifa thugs who burned and looted our cities. I must also remind you that the small retail competitors that were not burned out were closed while the big box stores remained open during the Scamdemic.
God Bless Our Constitutional Republic.