November 12, 2015 in News by RBN Staff


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Wayne Allyn Root, a Columbia grad is demanding answers to Obama’s claim he is a fellow alumni. Wayne is urging the media to get to the “Root” of it all.
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“Why did they never check Obama’s college records? Why are Obama’s Columbia records STILL sealed seven years into his presidency?
The media never called Columbia to verify Obama’s claims. Why?

Did Obama make false claims about his college experience? No one can prove it (yet) because his college records are sealed. Why? What is he hiding?
I graduated Columbia University in June of 1983. According to Obama not only were we in the same graduating class, we had the same majors, Political Science and Pre-Law. That would mean we took the same classes. I thought I knew every classmate in Columbia’s Political Science department.

Yet neither I nor anyone I knew ever met, saw, or heard of Obama. This was reinforced two years ago in 2013 when I attended my Columbia University 30th class reunion.
I asked everyone – “Did you ever see Obama at Columbia?” Not one classmate answered affirmatively. I simply couldn’t believe no one claimed to have met a classmate, who supposedly was in our class, and who was later to become president of the United States. So, I tracked down Professor Henry Graff, perhaps the most honored professor in Columbia history and Columbia’s Presidential historian.
Professor Graff never met Obama; heard of him; or saw him. Professor Graff said it was virtually impossible to graduate Columbia as a Political Science major without attending his history classes. Yet Graff never heard of him. He even studied his old records to verify Obama’s existence at Columbia … and found nothing.

How did a poor student from Occidental, an average non-Ivy League college, transfer into Columbia in the first place? Columbia only accepts a handful of transfers and those are always “the best of the best” scholars from the top of their classes at Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Clearly
One possibility is that Obama beat the long odds of being accepted for transfer into Columbia by claiming status as an Indonesian “foreign student.” People familiar with the admissions process tell me that was a likely way to jump ahead of other applicants. But, of course, if true it would be out and out fraud. Could that be why Obama sealed his college records? He released his birth certificate, yet never released his college records. Why?”

I am a birther, still don’t feel he is a legal U.S. resident, however, neither here nor there, this claim HAS to be investigated and NOW. Why does every average American worker have to furnish proof of their work and education history, yet the Commander In Chief, our President, does not? We are the answers?