Bronx Voters Are Ready for TRUMP (VIDEO)

December 1, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Cara Castronuova Shocked to Find Mass Support for Trump in the Bluest of NY City Boroughs (VIDEO)


The Bronx is the bluest of New York City boroughs with a majority of Spanish voters. Biden “won” 83% of the Bronx vote in 2020.
Earlier this week, Newsmax reporter Cara Castronuova went down to the Bronx to take their temperature on Joe Biden.

Cara, who also contributes at The Gateway Pundit, was shocked with what she heard. There is a huge mass of support for President Donald Trump.

EVERYONE knows things were better under Trump – no matter the media is pushing. EVERYTHING is worse under Joe Biden and the Marxist left. And it’s not likely to get any better.

Here are a few of the comments Cara heard from her trip to the Bronx.

Cara Castronuova: Biden and his press secretary said that prices are going down. Is that your experience or is that not true?

Bronx woman: No, that is definitely not true. Prices are definitely going up. I used to go across the streets of Fordham to go get me a meal. I can’t even get me a meal… Minority communities, we’re not seeing the improvement. There’s inflation with everything, food, gas, insurance, prices, I mean, you name it.

Bronx man: Minority communities, we’re not seeing an improvement. There’s inflation with everything, food, gas, insurance, prices, I mean, you name it.

Another Bronx woman: Bidenomics is not working. It’s just a complete mess. Especially here in New York City. We’re feeling it very hard.

Cara Castronuova: If you could say anything to Biden right now who says that the economy is improving, especially in black and brown communities. What would you say to him?

Bronx voter: That’s lies. I believe that’s lies. Heavy lies on that for sure.

Cara Castronuova: Do you think that somebody else besides Biden should be president?

Bronx woman: Yeah, next time, of course, bring back Trump!

Cara Castronuova: Tell me why?

Bronx woman: We had money. We had money when Trump was president.

Bronx woman: Free my son, Trump! Free my son, Trump! Trump 2024 everybody!

Watch the rest below.