By Day 5 Biden Killed 70,000+ Jobs, ‘Erased’ Women, Endangered All Americans By Ending Wall Construction & Halting Deportation And More

January 26, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: All News Pipeline

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


In this article we will detail the actions Joe Biden has taken in just the five days since he has been occupying the White House.

His first actions have cost over 70,000 American jobs, brutally stripped at least $2.2 billion in payroll out of workers’ pockets, “erased” women, and endangered every single American citizen with his immigration measures, and a whole host of other actions that brings us much closer to the complete destruction of America as a Republic.

As we go through point by point on what Biden has already done to America in just five days, ask yourself how much damage he is planning for the next four years, if his health allows him occupy the White House that long? 

For those that still believe that Biden is one of the oldest “centrists” in the Democrat party today, remember his documented mental decline over the last few years and understand his handlers will not be directing him to toe the “centrist” line, but will be leading him to socialist policies, and forced government dependence.

Individually these actions have been reported on, but it is when seen all in one place, in the first five days of the Biden regime, that the deliberate intent to harm America shines through.




With a stroke of a pen, just 30 minutes after being installed into the White House, Biden “disrespected” Canada, killed 10,000 union jobs, along with approximately 60,000 other jobs, including Keystone employees, as well as those that depended on the paychecks they made from servicing those employees.

Hotel workers, landlords renting out homes for pipeline workers, food industry workers, gas stations, department and  grocery store workers, and any other type of worker in any service industry surrounding the Keystone Pipeline, all just saw their livelihoods just wiped out, not knowing how they will be feeding their families.

Ending construction of the pipeline will reportedly result in the loss of 11,000 direct jobs, and another 60,000 indirect jobs in support industries. The move has been blasted by both industry insiders and unions.

Association of Oil Pipe Lines CEO Andy Black said:

“Killing 10,000 jobs and taking $2.2 billion in payroll out of workers’ pockets is not what Americans need or want right now”

The association said they “lamented” the permit revocation which “blocked thousands of new jobs and deprived those workers of billions of dollars in payroll salary.”

Congressman Fred Keller highlights yet another critical aspect of what Biden is doing by canceling the Keystone permit to finish the pipeline.

Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline is counter to President Biden’s message of unity. Thousands of hard-working Americans are now out of work and the progress we’ve made over the last four years in developing America’s energy independence hangs in the balance.

According to the IER (Institute for Energy Research), the U.S. became energy independent in 2019 for the first time since 1957.

U.S. energy production in 2019 was higher than U.S. energy consumption for the first time in 62 years.  Thus, the U.S. attained the long-held goal of “energy independence”—which is not to say that we did not import or export energy, but that we produced more energy than we used……

Between the Keystone pipeline and other actions taken by President Trump, America was no longer reliant of the Middle East, which will no longer be true within the next years due solely to the actions being taken right now, by Joe Biden.

Before moving on to the next item, one has to wonder why Biden, and Democrats since they are his handlers, want the U.S. dependent on other nations?

Self-reliance is the key to survival, which makes these decisions self-defeating.

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The headline from The Sun on this next issue, pretty much tells the tale: “‘NEW GLASS CEILING’ Biden executive order pushing for transgender inclusion in sports SLAMMED by critics for ‘erasing women’”

The reaction on social media was swift, and some of the responses below are representative of what we are seeing the most of.

The individual responses by known feminists are indicative of Biden voting demographic feeling betrayed already.


Kudos to Biden for possibly breaking the record on how fast whole groups of his supporters are feeling buyers’ remorse.

No matter how much Democrats twist themselves into pretzels to claim differently, biologically men and women are different.

Most Americans understand that, and allowing biological men to compete with biological women in sports requiring body strength and endurance, will forever kill the competitive nature of women’s’ sports.

It is extremely interesting to watch feminists, most of which that voted for Joe Biden, bitterly complain about Biden erasing women.
Feminist writers were quick to point out that Joe Biden’s executive order on gender identity, issued on the first full day of his presidency, effectively abolishes the minority of academic sports scholarships reserved for women.
US President Joe Biden has thrown hundreds of thousands of college sports scholarships reserved for women open to competition from male-bodied transgender athletes.

The hashtag #BidenErasedWomen trended on Twitter for quite a while and people are still using it.

Took less than five days for Biden to betray one of his most ardent supporter groups, feminists.



Working toward the Democrat socialist agenda of “open borders,” Biden has also ended construction of the border wall (more service and support jobs lost!!), while halting slated deportations for at least 100 days.

Texas has already filed suit against the Biden administration.

In conjunction to deliberately keeping the borders open, Biden is also weighing straight up amnesty for illegal aliens in the U.S., as was announced even before he entered the White house.

Biden’s advisers have already begun meeting with House Democrats to talk about a legislative pathway for an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Aside from an amnesty that would burden 18 million jobless Americans with increased foreign competition in the U.S. labor market, Biden is eyeing an end to President Trump’s reforms at the U.S.-Mexico border.
The plans include ending the Centers for Disease Control’s Title 42 order and Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which ensures that federal immigration officials can return border crossers to their native countries within hours and forces Mexico to house asylum applicants so they are not released into the interior of the U.S.

With just his “immigration” actions, the wall, the amnesty and the suspension of deportations for those already slated to leave, Biden has shown that the liberal agenda will cost American taxpayers, many of which can barely afford to feed their children after the pandemic forced lockdowns, billions of dollars that they don’t have.


These are just some of the actions Joe Biden has decided to mandate by executive order. Others include rejoining the Paris Accord, and repealing the travel ban on countries with high levels of terrorism often falsely referred to as a “Muslim ban.”

The bottom line here, is that in just five days Joe Biden has done more to destroy America than multiple Democrat president’s in the past.

Biden is not a centrist, he is being led around by radical liberals, including his choice of VP, #HeelsUpHarris.

Remember, Democrats were for border security before they were against it.