California is sending out $1,050 payments to residents to fight inflation. For real.

October 7, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Not The Bee


Well, Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to send direct payments to Californians is starting.


Governor Newsom proposes $18.1 billion inflation package for California

Californian Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new inflationary package that would inject another $18.1 billion dollars into the economy. On what I am sure is an unrelated note, Governor Newsom is up for reelection this year after narrowly escaping a recall last year.



Roughly 23 million taxpaying California residents are eligible to receive up to $1050 as part of the state’s attempt to stop fight inflation by throwing billions of dollars at it.

I’m sure it’s only coincidence that the payments to every resident were mailed out at the same time the ballots to every resident were mailed out for the election next month.

The total price of the direct payments could be up to $24 billion.

Gavin Newsom leads in the polls of the gubernational race by 24 points.

That’s $1 billion for every point.

Have doubts about whether Newsom is paying for votes with this package? Still thinks it’s all coincidence?

Let’s go to the Governor’s website for details (this was published in June).

1. “Cha-ching! You just received a deposit.”

Global inflation. Rising costs. It’s hard out there and we know it. So, we’re giving you $9.5 billion back. MILLIONS of Californians – 23 million to be exact – will benefit from up to $1,050, as soon as October!

It was always the plan to tie the payments to the election.

But this is a top ten list. Let’s see what other campaigning the “budget” includes.

2. Don’t go into crippling debt over a hospital visit

Want health care? We’re now the FIRST and ONLY state in the nation that offers universal access to health care coverage, regardless of your immigration status.

Every vote counts!

3. A real “Pro-life” agenda

Fun fact – California is actually a pro-life state.

We’re protecting reproductive freedoms and supporting Californians throughout their lives. In this budget, we’re investing over $200 million in reproductive care. We’re making a company’s willingness to move OUT of anti-choice states and TO the reproductive freedom state of California a factor in awarding state business tax credits. But we’re not stopping at reproductive care. We’re investing in a child’s entire lifespan. From birth to college and beyond. That means universal preschool, free school meals, expanded before and after school programs, more counselors for our schools, free community college, the list goes on.

If they don’t kill your kid, they’ll indoctrinate them for free.

4. Climate change is real y’all

While SCOTUS is kneecapping the federal EPA’s ability to fight climate change, California is making a climate commitment on the scale of what other countries are spending. Our $53.9 billion in new investments will better protect Californians from the extreme weather that has been impacting our bills, our livelihoods, our farms and our families.

They’re giving the green energy companies that they’ve personally invested in blank checks and watching their wealth grow. Also, California can’t have the word “y’all.” That’s cultural appropriation!

5. Getting people into housing & shelter and off the streets

We are making major investments to address California’s homelessness crisis by getting people into housing & shelter. We have $2.2 billion for encampment resolutions around the state and new bridge housing to support people going through CARE Court – tens of thousands of people with a safe roof over their head and the mental health and substance use help many desperately need.

But they’re definitely not going to change building regulations to lower the cost of housing or outlaw drug use. That’s crazy!

6. Keeping the lights on

California has an energy plan. Drought is causing lower energy production. Extreme heat is causing increased energy demand. Wildfires threaten energy infrastructure. So, we’re investing $4.3 BILLION to help keep the lights on this summer, invest in clean and reliable energy infrastructure, help with your energy bills, accelerate our transition to clean energy and so much more. We’re building the energy system of the future.

They’ve got to cut down all those flammable trees and replace them with unreliable Chinese wind turbines before it’s too late.

7. A real public safety plan

Californians should always feel safe — whether that’s at home, at the park, or at work. California is tackling the root causes of crime and getting guns and drugs off our streets. The state is launching the largest gun buyback program in the nation, funding a permanent Smash and Grab Enforcement Unit to fight retail theft, and investing $30 million to support the National Guard’s drug interdiction efforts, targeting transnational criminal organizations.

Know what the root cause of crime is? Law-abiding citizens having guns.

8. Literally transforming education in our state

It’s no longer K-12, it’s Pre-K -16. We are investing a – truly – historic $170 billion to continue our transformation of education in California. From our master plan for early learning to free community college, education has never been more accessible in our state. NEW this year, we have $7.9 billion to help with learning recovery, more investments in higher education, an additional $2 billion for affordable student housing (on top of last year’s $2 billion), and $3.5 billion that schools can use on arts, music, and more.

They’ve dumbed down education so much that it takes 18 years to learn what used to take 12: college is the new high school.

9. Getting our kids help with mental health

After these last few years, everyone knows we are experiencing a mental health crisis and California is taking it seriously. We’re investing big in behavioral health for adults and our kids. This year, there’s new urgent funding for wellness support programs, funding for youth suicide reporting and prevention, and more.

Maybe start by ending the “you were born in the wrong body” messaging and also stop prescribing drugs that make them feel suicidal.

10. Rebuilding California

Railroads. Highways. Streets. We’re investing in infrastructure! This budget includes a $14.8 BILLION transportation infrastructure investment. That means money for rail and transit projects, climate adaptation projects, walking and bicycling projects, high-speed rail, our ports, and more. AND we’re investing to speed up our transition to zero-emission vehicles. Beep beep!

Trains to nowhere.