Charles Carlson – We Hold These Truths – Crucifixions, Saudis, ISIS, & Syria

November 6, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Here’s the latest from We Hold These Truths:

Crucifixion Saudi Style: Behead Victim First–‘ISIS’ Does

Free lance writer, Michael Sainato stated of the Saudi Arabian courts: “A criminal justice system as medieval and gruesome as this should not exist in the world today.” His Huffington Post story, Saudi Arabia Is Set to Crucify Pro-democracy Teenage Protester, reveals:“Ali … Continue reading →
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Syria: Why are We There? And, What About ISIS?

We Hold These Truths’ Chuck Carlson (see, also “Showdown in Syria: The Peacemakers Vs. The Piecetakers.” was part of an expert panel at an open forum held in Denver, CO on the crisis in Syria. In addition to Chuck Carlson, … Continue reading →
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