China, The Invisible Lobby 

February 20, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT | By Michael Holland, MD

          A dangerous game, involving Russia/Ukraine, China and China’s North Korean client state, and the U.S. is being played by special interests using sock-puppet journalists, pushing the American public to believe that Russia is our mortal enemy while China and Ukraine are trusted allies.  This “game” has deadly consequences in low-intensity conflicts and proxy wars being fought throughout the globe, most of which the public never hears about.  US Naval ships have sustained massive damage including loss of lives after encountering newly deployed Chinese EMP mines, which left our ships dead in the water as slow moving freighters crashed into the blinded vessels.  These were acts of war in international waters, but the press prefers to spin these stories as the result of poorly trained or overworked seaman, while putting purely defensive moves by Russia under a microscope.  In short: China good, Russia evil.  “An (unseen) enemy hath done this.”          

           Pro-Israel boosters, “Neocons,” are disproportionately represented in the US State Dept., the mainstream media, and foreign policy think tanks.  They move effortlessly between Democrat and Republican administrations.  For example, Victoria Nuland (originally Nudelman), Asst. Secretary of State for Obama, was one of the architects of the overthrow of a popularly elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, in favor of Neo-nazi, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.  Apparently, Yanukovych was too friendly toward Russia to suit Nuland, her husband, Robert Kagan (CFR), Neocon Senator, John McCain (CFR), George Soros, and veteran Russia-parasite, billionaire, Bill Browder.  Browder’s grandfather, Earl Browder, once led  the US Communist Party and was an executioner for Stalin.  They had access to billions of dollars from a Congressional slush fund, the National Endowment for “Democracy” as well as Soros’ money in order to provoke a civil war in Ukraine, which has left thousands dead and homeless.  The Neocons will stop at nothing to exact revenge on Russia for expelling the (predominantly Jewish) Oligarchs who formerly ruled the Communist Soviet Union.  This is the unspoken reason why socialists in the US, who for decades looked to Moscow for direction, suddenly turned on Russia, even as Russia returned to its Christian, pro-family roots.  It’s worth remembering that Neocons, including Kagan, were the masterminds of the Project for a New American Century, who called for a “new Pearl Harbor event” one year before 9-11-2001.  This “event” led to America’s treasury-draining, endless involvement in the Middle East to make the world safe for Israel.  The Neocons, including Hillary Clinton, were calling for total war with Russia if the Russians engaged in a cyber attack on the US.  Such an attack could be easily simulated by dark-side operators inside our intelligence agencies.  Neoconservatives, disaffected with Russia, have clearly placed their bets on China.  Goldman-Sachs’, Lloyd Blankfein, taunted President Trump after moving his home to China.

          Imagine the fulminations of the US press if Vladimir Putin announced that he would personally guarantee to put a stop President Trump’s pro-America agenda, and keep the one-world order agenda on track.  But this is precisely what China’s dictator, Xi, told a gathering of globalists in 2017 at Davos, Switzerland.  This bluster didn’t even register a blip on the “mainstream press” radar screen. 

          The Neocons I at least understand, even if they are disloyal to the USA.  It’s so much of the American Christian community that has me perplexed.  How could they stand by mute, watching the Palestinians—30% of whom were Christians—be dispossessed; their homes, fig and olive trees bulldozed?  In an obvious genocidal policy the aquifers beneath their land were sucked dry to create the “miracle in the desert.”  Are Christian Zionists incapable of recognizing the “synagogue of Satan” by its poisonous fruits?   Are they suffering from “strong delusion,” or have they forgotten the meaning of Jesus’ parable of the wicked tenants (Matt. 21:33-44)?

Michael S. Holland