Christians! Let Us Not Fail With President Trump As We Did With President Bush II

December 7, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je Suis Spike

The Presidential election in 2000, primarily pitting George W. Bush against Albert Arnold Gore Jr. followed a very contentious two-term presidency that was bad for liberty, bad for Americans and bad for America, (but that’s what Clintons are). When that election was finally decided about 6 weeks after election day, there was a collective sigh from the Christians who voted for Bush, tired from the Florida-recount-tussle, they then sat down, relaxed and failed to watch Bush and keep him true to his word and his claim to be a Christian.

I question the Christianity of a man who belongs to an organization which takes for its name the most well-known symbol of death, Skull and Bones. Jesus is life. Jesus is anti-death. George Bush belongs to an organization named Death, which opposes the Christ. Can you see any irony or contradiction in terms, Christian? I do.

George W. Bush, claiming to be a Christian, received no heat from Christians when he: Effectively legalized Embryonic Stem Cell Experimentation; Steadfastly maintained Bill Clinton’s overthrow of the centuries-long ban on practicing homosexuals in the military, as he refused to turn back President Clinton’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, leaving a very short jump to Obama’s, “every homosexual is welcome” policy; Undermined the right of freedom of speech when he signed the McCain-Feingold so-called Campaign Finance Reform bill, though as candidate Bush he said he would not sign it if it reach his desk*; Was prepared to abridge the right to keep and bear arms when he told Congress to renew the Brady Law and send it to him for his signature; Effectively legalized of Plan B abortifacient for minors and, final example; Prayed in a mosque and told us that he worships the same God as Muslims, referring to Islam as a “religion of peace.” Now, his claim that he worships the same God as Muslims might be true, considering all of his anti-Christ behavior in the examples that preceded that item in my very abbreviated list above.

How did he get away with this all? Well, the Democrats and all liberals weren’t about to disagree with his anti-Christ policies I listed, (nor the many I did not list), it was up to Christians to tell him “No.” But, well, Christians didn’t. Most of the Christians I know who supported him- and still support him- just said and say, “I wonder why Bush did that,” when implementing another anti-Christ policy. You know that Bill Clinton doing any of those things would have been called anti-Christ, but Christians gave Bush a pass. This, my fellow Christians is hypocrisy and, frankly, stupidity of the highest order.

Now, as Christians who know that we are called to preach the gospel to all men, let us not allow President Trump to pursue anti-Christ policies without informing/warning him that he has, and let us admonish him for doing so, never shutting up while those policies are in effect. Would it not be ironic if Donald Trump were to be less anti-Christ in his actions as President than George W. Bush, “The Christian President?”

Je Suis Spike

  • You must realize that McCain and Feingold were each only 1% of the Senate, only .02% of their branch of government, the legislature, and each could do nearly nothing by himself to shove McCain-Feingold down our throats. Bush, on the other hand, was 100% of his branch of government, the Executive, and, by himself, decided the fate of the noxious Bush-McCain-Feingold bill. In vetoing it, he would have killed it; in signing it, he foisted that denial of the freedom of speech upon us all. George Bush is more responsible for the McCain-Feingold law than both McCain and Feingold.