Christine Blasey Ford’s Attorney Admits Protecting Abortion Was Part of Her Motivation

September 5, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

Source: Western Journal | By Joe Saunders


Almost a year after the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh captivated the country, the truth is coming out.

The Democratic and mainstream media forces that attacked the then-Supreme Court nominee last fall swore up and down it was a battle for women’s dignity and a comeuppance for predatory men.

But in a new video making the rounds, it looks like it was just another battleground in the nation’s long war over abortion — Kavanaugh’s character was just a casualty, and the attacks on it aren’t stopping now.


In the video, from a “Feminist Legal Theory Conference” in April at the University of Baltimore, Debra Katz, an attorney for Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, talks about her client’s motivation for the case — and one particular point stands out.

According to The Daily Caller, the video was first reported by author Ryan Lovelace in his new book, “Search and Destroy: Inside the Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh.”

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Katz’s statement gives the game away.

“In the aftermath of these hearings, I believe that Christine’s testimony brought about more good than the harm misogynist Republicans caused by allowing Kavanaugh on the court,” Katz said in the conference’s keynote address.

“He will always have an asterisk next to his name. When he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade, we will know who he is, we know his character, and we know what motivates him, and that is important; it is important that we know, and that is part of what motivated Christine.” (Emphasis added.)

Check it out here:

Now, that blank spot at the end of the video is unfortunate, but the gist of Katz’s speech was pretty clear.

Blasey Ford’s accusations and testimony weren’t just intended to smear Kavanaugh to the point where he could not be confirmed as a justice, they were intended to smear his most consequential rulings in the future, in the event he made it onto the court.

However, Katz’s statement that Blasey Ford’s accusations let the nation know Kavanaugh’s “character” is ludicrous on its face.

No one who was both conscious and intellectually honest during the Kavanaugh hearings could have sincerely believed he was guilty of the accusations against him on the basis of what little evidence was presented.

His chief accuser could not remember basic details of the alleged assault — such as where and when it took place, how she got home afterward.

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She had no witnesses who backed up even the smallest part of her account. Even the story of how her story became known to the public via a series of strategic Democratic deceptions and leaks was fishy. (And that doesn’t get into the house-of-mirrors lunacy that accompanied later Kavanaugh accusers, like Julie Swetnick.)

But in a letter to then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, dated Sept. 22, 2018, Blasey Ford claimed, “I have one motivation in coming forward — to tell the truth about what Mr. Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge did to me.”

And now her attorney admitted in a videotaped statement that at least part of Blasey Ford’s “one motivation” stemmed from the Democrats’ desperation to keep the abortion regime of Roe v. Wade viable in the United States until they can get a Democrat elected into the White House again.

The news of the video lit up social media:




Lovelace’s book is the second in months to come out with a behind-the-scenes look at the Kavanaugh nomination fight.

In the masterful work “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court,” by the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway and the Judicial Crisis Network’s Carrie Severino, the authors put the disgrace of the media’s coverage of the Kavanaugh story on full display.

Now, another author is peeling back the motivations of the chief accuser in that character assassination.

After a year, the truth is coming out. In future years, that truth will only get worse for Democrats, the media and the rest of the liars who would stop at nothing to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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