Chuck Baldwin: Unwinding The Middle East Puzzle

November 1, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

Editor CECarlson introduces Chuck Baldwin:
To understand a war, even a cool one, one must know the players. Israel is a war state created by The Company in 1948: Saudi Arabia is a fat hen created by the political and financial elite of winners, who we call The Company. Saudi nation status represents a mere handful of Wahhabi preaching Arabs who were willing to become very rich for doing little. Thus two future world powers, Israel and Saudi Arabia, were hatched from political nothing to further a scheme of resource reallocation over the entire Middle East. The Saudi state was created from vapor to sit on the oil wealth of the Middle East. Those who did the dividing up were the WWII winners, USA and London. A few Palestinians stood in their way, and still do, and humanitarians world wide are finally noticing them today.

The necessary First question to be answer is, Who is The Company* who owns it, and how does the US control it? Chuck Baldwin calls it by another name which you may prefer “The Deep State”. We urge you to read his full, logical paper and call it what you wish, but call it! You will hear more about “The Company” from We Hold These Truths. [Ed.-CEC]

Chuck Baldwin wrights:

How To Identify The People Who Truly Do NOT Get It

“Why must Americans hate and bomb and kill Shia Muslims in Iran and Syria, while at the same time, we must befriend, partner with, and finance Wahhabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia—and even look the other way as they inflict the cruelest and most evil acts of barbarity and bloodshed?

“In typical bloodthirsty fashion, Wahhabi Muslims murdered a permanent U.S. resident, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi (who was openly critical of the Saudi regime), and what did President Trump do? He boldly proclaimed Wahhabi Muslim Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s denial of any culpability in Khashoggi’s murder to be “credible.” Trump further said he has no plans to interfere with the $110 billion arms deal with Salman.

“There are many more tell-tale signs of how to identify people who do NOT get it, of course. But none are more glaring than the three listed in this column. Remember these signs as you listen to your “patriot” friends and our politicians talk, and they will never be able to buffalo you again. Full Story

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