CNN panicked as ratings hit shocking new low (worse than… WHAT!?)

October 24, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Horn News

The last two weeks have been a huge challenge for CNN. The liberal network has struggled to cling onto the few viewers they still have left — and they’ve just hit a new low.

CNN has been on the attack against President Donald Trump and his supporters ever since the president took office… but viewers have tuned out. Now, the network is paying for their mistake by a major dip in ratings.

It’s gotten so bad, Nickelodeon — home of children’s cartoons — beats the failing mainstream media giant by thousands of viewers everyday.

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According to numbers released by Nielson, CNN fell behind Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC, and even Nickelodeon in rating totals between Oct. 15 to 21.

The Daily Caller reports that CNN managed to only bring in 609 thousand viewers throughout the week — placing them 11th in total viewers. Meanwhile, Fox News held onto the “King of Cable” title by more than doubling CNN’s total viewers for both primetime and total daily viewers in the first two weeks of October.

CNN was also knocked down to the 13th slot in primetime viewers. Fox News was the only cable news network able to bring it over 2.6 million viewers — placing the channel in the top five, above TNT and ESPN.

The mainstream media giant barely managed to beat MSNBC in their key demographic for primetime and total viewers. Meanwhile, Fox News managed to double CNN’s viewership in their key demographic.

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It seems that the “fake news” that CNN relies on has not been so good for their ratings.

Maybe CNN should start watching Fox News to get some pointers — honest reporting achieves the highest ratings.

–The Horn editorial team