CNN Ratings Drop To Nine-Year Low As Viewers Continue To Flee

February 2, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Informed Youth

Article by Haddon Lockyer 
CNN’s ratings dropped to¬†a nine-year low¬†during a mid-January week as viewers continue to leave for alternative news sources.

During the week of January 16th through the 22nd, the once powerful news channel saw a dismal average of 444,000 viewers during primetime programming, and a mere 93,000 from the sought-after 25-54 demographic. During daytime¬†programming, CNN’s ratings were even worse. An average of 417,000 viewers tuned in during the day, and only 80,000 were in the 25-54¬†demographic.

Specific shows saw notably worse¬†ratings as well, including Don Lemon’s new show, “CNN This¬†Morning.” Only 331,000 tuned in to watch Lemon’s news analysis, making for the show’s worst week since launching about three months ago.

Overall, the week of the 16th through the 22nd was the first time since May of 2014 that the network failed to bring in an average of at least 450,000 viewers.


Credit to Deadline

For reference, fellow left-leaning network MSNBC drew an average of 629,000 viewers during the week of the 16th, and conservative network Fox News brought in about 1.4 million. As for Don Lemon’s competition, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” brought in 760,000 viewers, whereas Fox News’ morning programming notched nearly one million viewers.

CNN’s disappointing ratings come as CEO Chris Licht continues to try and improve the objectiveness of the network while also saving it from a complete meltdown. CNN’s ratings have been declining steadily since Former President Donald Trump left office.

As president, Licht has fired several of CNN’s most liberal personalities, including Brian Stelter.


Credit to CNN

CNN’s falling ratings come after multiple journalistic failures, including propping up the now-debunked Russia Collusion Hoax.


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