Congressional Democrats Attempt Challenge to Trump’s Electoral College Win

January 6, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Political InsiderKosar

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Think the battle over the 2016 presidential election is over? Think again.

Now that Democrats are seeing that President-elect Donald J. Trump’s popularity isn’t hurt by their accusations about Russia, they are taking another approach.

Leading Democrat lawmakers in Congress are now considering a move to challenge Trump’s entire victory when Congress meets in joint session to certify the results.

House Democrats leading the charge are Reps. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado, Bobby Scott of Virginia, and Jamie Raskin of Maryland, among others.

As Politico reports, Democrats are unhinged!

Members have the right to lodge those protests when Congress officially counts the electoral votes on Friday. But for the protests to have any effect on the proceedings, they’ll need to secure the backing of at least one senator, and it’s unclear whether any Senate Democrats are weighing a similar challenge.

Either way, there’s effectively no chance the protests will alter the actual election outcome, given Republican control of Congress. Instead, the effort could give Democrats a new venue to protest Trump’s victory. And if the Democrats can secure a senator’s support, the challenges could delay the certification of Trump’s victory for hours while the House and Senate separately debate the merits of each protested electoral college vote.

Perlmutter’s office did not respond to a request for comment, but sources who attended a Democratic whip meeting on Thursday morning said Perlmutter stood up and said he’s weighing a challenge.

A spokeswoman for Scott said “he is reviewing” more information before making a decision on a challenge, but he hasn’t committed to filing one.

These types of challenges have only happened 3 times in history. They are going after individual electors – one by one- claiming they don’t live in the correct Congressional Districts or are disqualified due to currently holding public office:

One of the groups pressing for an Electoral College vote challenge, Unite for America, was also behind unsuccessful efforts to persuade electors to turn on Trump when they cast their votes on Dec. 19. The group is now encouraging lawmakers to disqualify electors on technical grounds.

This is a clear indication of how difficult it will be for President Trump and his team to enact his bold, conservative platform. Democrats are willing to throw around outrageous accusations and use shameful legal maneuvers, trying to stall and prevent Trump’s success.

This is an insult to the millions of Americans who voted for Trump.