Connecticut Governor To Sign Executive Order Banning Gun Sales To Americans On “Watchlists” – Live Feed

December 10, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

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Tyler Durden | 12/10/2015 13:24 -0500

Gov. Dannel Malloy plans to sign the first executive order in the nation to ban the sales of guns to people on government watch lists. 

As NBC Connecticut reports,

“We intend to prevent, by executive order through my powers as governor, those on government watch lists from obtaining a permit to purchase a firearm in Conecticut,” Malloy said.


Anyone who wishes to get a gun in Connecticut must first apply for a permit  from a public safety agency, then a thorough background check is conducted, Malloy said.


“The executive order would add an additional level of protection and require those who apply for a permit to be screened against government watch lists,” Malloy said during a news conferenence on Thursday afternoon.


Assault weapons are already banned in Connecticut and this executive order would prevent anyone on a government watch list from buying a handgun, shotgun, rifle or ammunition in the state.


“I have been in touch with the White House directly on this matter and we are working with federal authorities to gain access to their lists for this purpose,” Malloy said.


He said his administratiion is working with the federal government to determine the appropriate lists to be included — from the no-fly list to a combination of those who should not have weapons.


“If approved, we will sign an executive order. We will take action. Like all Americans, I’ve been horrified by the recent terrorist attacks in California and Paris. This should be a wakeup call for all of us. This is a moment to seize here in America, and today, I am here to say in Connecticut, we are seizing this moment,” Malloy said.

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