COVID Sanctions on Iran Expose the Evil of the Zionist US Empire

April 3, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Another human face attached to Zio-COVID-19 sanctions on Iran. The death of a 25 year old nurse on the front lines without proper equipment and supplies.

Source: Russia-Insider | Mark Dankof  

Mark Dankof’s rooftop view of the Elburz Mountains north of Tehran in another lifetime.

The evil of the American Empire and its long-standing alliance with the Zionism and Globalism of the New World Order is nothing new to me. After all, I’ve spent a lot of time broadcasting for RBN, Rense Radio, and the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock “Generations” show on these matters for an awfully long time. Since 9-11, I’ve also been a quasi-regular on Iran’s Press TV, even as I have been writing on this same dreadful subject for the American Free Press, Don Wassall’s The Nationalist Times, SARTRE’s BATR News, the Tasnim News Agency, the Fars News Agency, and Russia Insider.

Iran was historically an Aryan civilization, and the the name Iran is derived from ‘Aryan’. Typical Aryan physical features are still widespread among the population. No wonder the Jews hate them.

All these years in my Night Thoughts, certain articles come back to me in the wee hours when sleep is sometimes elusive. Kourosh Ziabari’s interview with me on 9-11 is one; a second is my treatise on FDR and Pearl Harbor. A few years ago, the late Michael Collins Piper really loved my essay on a dying America entitled “Why We’re Finished.” Another of more recent vintage is my work for Russia Insider and Russian Faith on Christian Martyrdom, the American Empire, and the New World Order. As I contemplate these, my tribute to the late Marquis J. McCants, and my observations about the American Empire at the time of the death of Chris Kyle, the so-called American Sniper come flooding back as well.

Bringing the humanity of Iran into focus: Do Trump, Pompeo, Mnuchin, and Dubowitz really want to eradicate such people?

Two events since the advent of the New Year make all of this older paper trail seem like a millennium ago. The first is the extra judicial assassination of General Qassem Soleimani on January 3rd. The second is the proliferation of the COVID-19 virus globally, and the appalling American maintenance and intensification of sanctions on Iran in its devastating wake. Two articles which best contextualize the latter tragedy are those of Kevin Barrett for the Unz Review and Philip Giraldi for the same. Giraldi argues effectively that these sanctions on Iran constitute “crimes against humanity.” Without plagiarizing, I coincidentally chose the same words in a recent brief interview for Press TV.

The demonic countenance of Mark Dubowitz, Israel’s front man at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Perhaps the most revealing example of the Israeli-driven role in these American crimes against Iran is one Mark Dubowitz of the Israeli-linked Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD). Again, Kevin Barrett and Philip Giraldi provide the context and the analysis necessary in our understanding that American crimes against humanity are largely those driven by the Zionist juggernaut. Democracy in this Orwellian world is defined as anything that the Israeli government wants, and what the Israeli Lobby wants both in Palestine and the Middle East generally, as well as in the American domestic scene and globally. Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Russia are immediately added to the mix.

The end game is World Government ruled by the Beast who sits on his throne in the 3rd Temple. The Apostle Paul outlines this aspect of the eschatological context of these events in 2 Thessalonians 2. The proclamation reported recently in Israel National News underscores the increasing speed with which these events are transpiring.  Yes, it will happen, but with a far different outcome from that envisioned by the Zionist settler and Temple movements in Israel and their “Christian” Zionist allies driven by the prophetic school of thought known as Dispensationalism,

Another human face attached to Zio-COVID-19 sanctions on Iran. The death of a 25 year old nurse on the front lines without proper equipment and supplies.

As I stated at the beginning, Zio American Empire crimes are not new. What is new is that the unapologetically public character of these crimes without even resorting to the shopworn doctrine of “plausible deniability” has reached a new level of outrageousness. In the case of Iran, the crime of the assassination of General Soleimani, has now mushroomed into the attempt to achieve Zio-Regime Change in Iran via mass murder. Dr. Trita Parsi pointedly asks on Twitter, “What kind of a person looks at a country suffering from a pandemic and thinks ‘This is the time to bomb them’?  Answer: Mike Pompeo.”

Our short term call to action on behalf of the Iranian people seems anemic but doable. Call the White House, your Senators, your Congressional Representative and the State Department. Join 80 Hours for 80 Million immediately and post it to everyone you know via social media. Tag all your social media correspondence on this matter with #EndCovidSanctionsNow. And keep after the known faces of the Zio Establishment on this issue. Tag them with their earned responsibility for this human tragedy. The ADL, the FDD, and AIPAC are but a few to target.

On a longer term basis, the warnings to the American people of Ron Paul and John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute are apropos. The Zio Establishment is using COVID-19 as their opportunity for their biggest power grabs since the Kennedy Assassination and 9-11. The police state is here. It is advancing daily. Be aware. Be vigilant.

But the good news is this: The COVID-19 virus is stressing out the Zio American Empire to the virtual breaking point. Mark Dubowitz speaks of using COVID-19 as the weapon against Iran achieving what sanctions before now have not. He and his ilk fail to see that this is a dagger aimed at their entire criminal enterprise.

Who needs a caption for this one?

The fraud of economic outsourcing, evidenced by the American pharmaceutical industry presently housed in China, is a threat to the national security of the United States, even as Iran is not. The fraud of demographic manipulation, open borders, MSM Fake News, stock market bubbles, gun confiscation, worthless Zio Wars and a burgeoning national debt are becoming increasingly obvious to victimized Americans and Europeans.

Press TV’s Serena Shim was a Lebanese-American assassinated by the Erdogan regime, with the silence of her own government deafening.

And when the dots are connected, people will rise up against the Beast and put him out of business. Greater Israel will be finished; the Fed and Central Banking will be finished; Zio Wars will have run out of manpower, money, and ideological enthusiasts. Sovereign nation states will return in history; and the American Republic will arise from the ashes of the Evil Empire.

As I said in my promo for the RBN show on NBR scheduled for 1 pm Central Time today, the enemy of the Iranian people is the enemy of the American people and their once vibrant Constitutional Republic. Take note, the Pompeos and Dubowitzes of the world. Your days are numbered. You have been weighed and found wanting. Your end is assured.

Postscript: Minutes after this posting was completed, I learned from Press TV and the UK Guardian of the horrific detention of Iranian-American Dr. Sirous Asgari at an ICE facility in Alexandria, Louisiana after being acquitted of all federal charges in a court of law related to alleged stealing of trade secrets while a professor at a university in Ohio. Read these links. As I have said, a criminally oriented government abroad is the government next to visit its vile acts upon its own citizens at home.

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