Dankof: Bush-McCain Wing of the GOP Still in Charge

July 11, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



Sputnik News interviews Pastor Mark Dankof

Sputnik: Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order authorizing his state’s National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to arrest immigrants who illegally cross the border between ports of entry and return them to Mexico.


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What do you make of Gov. Abbott’s decision?

Mark Dankof:  “I agree with Abbott’s decision to attempt to stem the tide of some 250,000 illegals crossing Mexico into the United States.  The problem is that for both the United States and the Republican Party, it is too little, too late, somewhat like closing the barn door after the horses are already loose and a mile down the road.  This destructive farce began in 1986 when Ronald Reagan signed the “Immigration Reform and Control Act. At the time, Reagan sold it to the public as a one-time amnesty for some 3 million illegals in the United States prior to 1982.  What went unnoticed by much of the public and Reagan’s grassroots GOP supporters, is that the strict sanctions on employers who hired illegals were stripped from the bill to insure its passage.  That fact, and “border security” fraud, guaranteed a situation where now the illegal immigration population is thought to run close to 20 million people.  The Establishment Right in the United States has always secretly supported this policy because of the availability of cheap labor from this population for Corporate America.  The American Left supports non-action on illegals because it wants to demographically flip key battleground states in elections where this influx of illegals at the polls would guarantee future monolithic control of the American political process by the Democratic Party.

“There is another issue:  The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act passed by a Democratic Congress and signed by Lyndon Johnson.  It deliberately undermined a solid American policy of facilitating immigration primarily from Western and Northern Europeans, and moved in the direction of a policy designed to create a demographic revolution over decades designed to promote multiculturalism and globalism.  In this regard, Jewish groups and organizations played a disproportionate role in making this happen, as they have with what has been a sea change in American cultural and moral attitudes in the last half a century on Gay Rights, feminism, abortion, and the like.  It is noteworthy that Biden has stated this publicly and with an absolute approval.  Republicans who decry these radical political, demographic, and cultural changes in my lifetime never mention the Jewish angle in all of this, given the strong representation of an ideological Christian Zionism in the GOP which has merged with support for the policies of multinational American capitalism.  Take a look at the Texas State Republican Party platform over many years, which is absolutely wedded to the Zionist State and embracing things like the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce.  It will tell you why Greg Abbott will never breathe a word of this in public.”

Sputnik: Is it too tough or too soft from your perspective?

Mark Dankof: “As I indicated earlier, it is too little, too late.  The apprehension of illegals in Texas and the recycling of them to Mexico will make only a dent in the situation, as long as the Biden Administration refuses to enforce Trump’s Title 42 policy and the American Federal Government is more committed to supplying Zelensky and Ukraine some $65 billion in American taxpayer funds for a war the United States does not belong in, than in securing the American border with Mexico and insuring a vetted and sane immigration process.  There is presently no immigration policy consistent with a sovereign nation-state, since some 2 million illegals have entered the United States just since Biden became President.  Pat Buchanan and others now tell us that over 250,000 illegals are entering the United States each month via that border.  This is apparently fine with people like Joe Biden, George Soros, and Biden’s largely globalist policy advisers who embrace massive illegal immigration, fiat money, a $32 trillion dollar national debt, LGBTQ cultural coercion, and an immoral and idiotic American and EU involvement in the February 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev and the ongoing NATO expansions since 1997.

Sputnik: Why didn’t Abbott declare an invasion to take more proactive action? Will the governor go for it, to have the full authority to defend the state?

Mark Dankof:  “The record of the Republican Party since Reagan’s 1986 farce suggests that he won’t.  On the other hand, the New York Post article you cite underscores that Abbott’s poll numbers have suffered since Uvalde and the Roe v Wade reversal of the SCOTUS.  My advice to the Governor is to declare an invasion, and to tie this decision to the shipwrecking of the American economy courtesy of the $5.9 trillion increase in fiat money circulation in the last two years, a 38% increase; the COVID-19 shutdown of American oil refineries; and the lunacy of the Biden-led economic war of attrition with Putin which has seen the United States and the West getting their hind ends deservedly kicked.  The problem with raising this last legitimate point with Texas voters is that both GOP U. S. Senators from Texas support handing Zelensky the trillions of dollars.  That underscores the problem with GOP credibility at a macrocosmic level.  The RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in the Bush-McCain Empire wing of the GOP still have tremendous control over the Party and its actual policies, all rhetoric aside cynically used with average voters in each election cycle to assure the “conservative” and “America First” policies of the Elephants.

“The Pat Buchanan-Ron Paul wing of the Party articulates all of what I believe to be comprehensively correct policies on immigration and virtually everything else, but its policy making influence and power at the ballot box and in Congressional seats has obviously been limited up to now.  The American economic crisis may tip the balance in the latter’s favor, but only time tells.

“There is one ominous sign emanating from the Biden Administration as it evaluates the potential fury of Americans in all of this: The President has directed his Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to buy up gun ammunition legally available in the domestic retail outlets.  One may legitimately ask why.” 

Sputnik: Why do border states find themselves in the situation where they must take action tackling the problem at the state level, rather than relying on the federal government? What does this tell us about the Biden’s administration ability to simply govern and react?

Mark Dankof:  “Federal governments have been actively destroying the stability and tranquility of the domestic American scene since 1965 via both illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration not given proper time to assimilate into the economic and political life of the country.  The Democratic Party has been in the vanguard of this nefarious development.  But the Republican Party has provided no effective counter to this disastrous direction.  Temperatures are now reaching the boiling point given the economic downturn of the last two years.  Time tells, but President Putin has tactfully observed that the West is losing–not simply in its Ukraine policies and in its ill-fated and ill-advised economic war of attrition with Russia, but in domestic developments that seem to have forever changed both America and Western Europe.  I agree with this, and suspect that the end of these countries as previously known is virtually and sadly assured.”