DC Mayor Bowser tells residents how they can fight back against car thieves (for free!)

February 24, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Twitchy.com

Carjackings and car thefts in Washington, DC are out of control (if only somebody could have predicted one of the negative effects of not enforcing laws):

According to MPD’s own reporting, D.C. is seeing on average more than one carjacking per day this year. The latest report on the MPD Carjacking Dashboard shows 82 carjackings in 2023 as of Feb. 22. The department says they’ve closed 14 of the cases. They report just eight arrests. Some suspects are charged in more than one.

While MPD reports overall carjackings are down about 15% in 2023, the number of arrests is also down compared to last year, according to the department’s dashboard.

“It’s ridiculous,” Lisa, a recent carjacking victim, told the I-Team in reaction to the low number of arrests.

Fortunately for DC residents, help is on the way… sort of. And it comes courtesy of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and taxpayers and is for only a certain kind of car:

Take that, carjackers!

It seems that there might be another more effective way:

Heaven forbid!

That speaks volumes.


That does seem to be a much larger problem.


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