Dear Facebookers: Report States Users Are Happier WITHOUT Facebook

February 3, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

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by Wes Walker

Think you ‘just can’t live without Facebook’… take this test! (Spoiler alert: You can.)

Facebook made its millions on the basis of one thing — people just couldn’t put it down. It became THE portal through which most other internet interactions passed.

That fact helped Facebook become the de facto ‘gatekeeper’ of the internet and gave them immense powers of influence in politics, economics, and even simple popular opinion.

That was all well and good, until they flew too close to the sun and, like Icarus, fell from the sky.

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That fall began shortly after the 2016 election. They politicized their portal and played traffic cop redirecting internet traffic from going to the ‘wrong’ sites, and started deplatforming people and companies whose opinions or content they especially disliked.

So much for their being an ‘impartial platform’.

People have been abandoning it.

You’ve no doubt heard anecdotal evidence of Facebook users feeling better after they’ve quit the social network, but how often does that help, really? A fair amount, according to researchers. A study (PDF) from New York University and Stanford showed that Facebook users were happier, more satisfied with life and slightly less likely to feel anxious, depressed or lonely. They also used other social networks less, and used Facebook less when they came back.

Those who were off Facebook found a number of things to do in its place, including meeting friends and family or watching TV. They didn’t spend as much time consuming news, though.