Dear RBN …

January 13, 2024 in Columnists, News, RBN Updates, Video by RBN Staff

Please also see this recent post for another important message:

[Updated Friday, March 15] RBN NEEDS HELP IMMEDIATELY!

If you are reading this:

You ARE the Republic Broadcasting Network.

RBN does ALWAYS need monetary assistance; it costs nearly $300 per DAY over the course of the year to operate this valuable resource.

EVERYONE who contributes monetarily is an integral and indispensable part of this communication vehicle.
But that’s not all that’s needed…
And you don’t need to give money to support the effort.

We’ve all banded together to continue the network since the loss of John Stadtmiller — and even long before his passing, during his tenure at the helm — to keep the lights on and the machinery humming.

It isn’t ‘easy’  (in any sense of the word) to maintain this operation, but we can do little things to continue growing our reach.
We all want and need to make a difference in the lives of anyone who wants to make a difference in this world, but who may not yet know how…

We are experiencing some serious maintenance difficulties regarding our long-time ‘legacy’ streaming apparatus. This still affects quite a few of our listeners.

While we work diligently to take care of these needs (which, while beginning as one problem, do appear to be more complicated and require a bit more time), we can all work together to help people find RBN and be educated, informed, or participate in the discussion!

We have a strong infrastructure which is continuing our broadcast, in spite of the many difficulties involved with losing our connections to some of the broadcasting equipment and services we have used for such a long time.
(It IS still operational, but does require some troubleshooting currently, so bear with us while we address these challenges.)

Please share our forum with those around you, and reach out to anyone you might know who is having trouble connecting to our broadcasts.

Let’s grow the audience for what we all know is one of the best arenas in the world for free speech, information, and connections with like-minded and motivated people.

Your support of our sponsors and advertisers and direct contributions to the network are all extremely valuable AND VALUED.

Help RBN continue in its mission and persevere in the fight for Freedom.

We will weather these and any other storms as best as we can.

God Bless YOU, and God Bless the Republic and the People for Whom it Stands…