September 30, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

By: Harley Schlanger

Sept. 29 — First, there was the phony story, concocted by British intelligence networks in conjunction with Obama’s intelligence team, of “Russian meddling,” and “Trump collusion and obstruction,” which dominated the first two-plus years the of Trump presidency. To sell it, the anti-Trumpers included dubious charges, among others, of family corruption, asserting he was using his office for personal enrichment. Second, when it was finally evident that, with the collapse of the prolonged investigation by Robert Mueller that Russiagate was a fraud, and the American public didn’t buy it, they tried the “Trump is a white nationalist racist” line, accusing the President of responsibility for a series of deadly gun incidents, which had been going on since long before his term in office. This line of attack also failed to gain much traction with the public.

Further, the failure of any of the potential Democratic Party opponents to Trump in the 2020 election to demonstrate they were generating the level of passion among voters needed to defeat him, left them fearful that they were facing the prospects of a second term for Trump.

Therefore, despite the lack of a “smoking gun”, and the emergence of a growing body of evidence of illegal actions by the intelligence agencies running a regime change coup to remove Trump, efforts by leading Democrats have persisted, with full support of media, which refused to acknowledge that their reporting on the impeachment drive has been filled with lies. With Trump re-asserting his authority as President, with the firing of war hawks Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence and John Bolton as National Security Adviser, renewed initiatives to work with Russia and China, and his unwillingness to thrust the U.S. into a new war with Iran, the evidence that he serious about rejecting British geopolitics as the doctrine guiding U.S. foreign policy — which has been the real cause of anti-Trump activity from the beginning– increased the desperation of the Trans-Atlantic elites, leading them to launch a new drive for impeachment.

This is the actual background to the latest effort to remove him, not any alleged illegal action to pressure the Ukrainian government to release evidence of Biden corruption to aid his reelection. As we have noted before, a December 2018 document from the House of Lords stated that preventing Trump from being re-elected in 2020 is an existential issue for protecting the most fundamental interests of the City of London. The furious rush to judgement, from all London-centered anti-Trump networks, led House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reverse her previous stance of discouraging impeachment efforts, and endorse an immediate inquiry, which will soon draw up articles of impeachment. A telling point is that Pelosi admitted that she had read none of the documents which the Get Trump gang claimed demonstrated his violations of the law, when she made the dramatic announcement of her support for the new efforts.

There will be a plethora of documents from both sides proving that the Ukrainian government, before and after the 2014 coup, has been a center of corruption. But that is not the point. The coup itself, and the subsequent use of Ukraine in running the fraud of Russiagate, served the purpose of the anti-Trumpers, to keep the U.S. and Russia at odds, to prevent the collaborative relationship that Trump promised as a candidate, and moved to consolidate, in spite of fierce opposition, as President. The efforts to remove Trump have led to a worsening of that relationship. It is now clear that those involved in the Get Trump campaign had as their ultimate goal keeping the U.S. on a course determined by the geopolitical interests of the City of London, and that is why they continue in their farcical, but potentially deadly efforts.