Deborah Tavares Exposes Weaponized Natural Disasters and Maui Fires

August 17, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff



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Tavares begins by discussing the Maui fires and the parallels between these and the DEW-caused fires of 2017 in northern California (which she had predicted and revealed in 2015 in the video ‘The Plan To Burn Up Northern California’).
She then moves on to inform us that the term ‘Climate Change’ is now being weaponized in order to advance the goals of Agenda 2030 and to begin herding populations (those who survive, anyway) into densely-populated, and more easily-managed “kill zones” – the 15-minute cities without cars that we’ve been hearing about.

She also warns us to expect more of these types of events in the near future.


2023 08 16 Ep. 610 DEW AS WE SAY w Deborah Tavares Into The Parabnormal w Jeremy Scott

Ep. #610: DEW AS WE SAY w/ Deborah Tavares
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The devastating wildfires in Maui have brought back to the forefront fears of exterminating the population by any means necessary even if that means setting deadly fires and choking off the living.

Jeremy welcomes Deborah Tavares to expose the agenda of weaponized warfare through fires, the use of directed energy weapons and the role of utility companies.