DHS Follows the President, Not Laws; Congress Impotent

May 16, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Source: Political Outcast
Bob Allen

Federal bureaucrat brazenly testifies that DHS follows the President and can disregard the law to do so. 

DHS Do What They Want


From Republic, to Banana Republic. From the Rule of Law, to Tyranny.

Republicans, this is what happens when you completely fail in your duty; when you put power politics above standing on principle, defending liberty, and doing what’s right. This President should have been impeached a long, long, long time ago, to defend the integrity of the office, and uphold your own oath to the Constitution.

In testimony before a House Budget Committee subcommittee, Rep. David Young (R-Iowa) voiced concern about reports that ICE officials were not sure whether to follow the law as it is written, or follow a unilateral directive issued by Barack Obama and the White House.

All you need to watch is this exchange, just over a minute in:

Rep. Young: “If I had policies that were contrary to the law, I would understand if they didn’t want to follow them. I would expect them to follow the law first.”

Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Sarah Saldaña replied, “And that’s where you and I probably have a fundamental disagreement.”

The fact that Young responded with a weak and pathetic “Oh, OK” shows how far we’ve plummeted from what made America free and prosperous. This woman just clearly admitted it is apparently OK, in her opinion, for government employees to violate the Constitution, and disobey Federal Law, to follow an unlawful order of the President—she just affirmed lawlessness.

[See also, “DHS Ignored Judge’s Order and Granted Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants.”]

Saldaña should be removed. Obama should be impeached. Every Federal employee who betrayed the People and their oath to the Constitution should be immediately fired, and banned from ever serving in government again.

For those convinced our military would never fire on American citizens… watch this exchange a few times… consider that the President has moved to include illegal aliens in our Armed Forces, and then you tell me where their allegiance would be. We stand in grave peril, and most people—including our elected officials—are fast asleep.

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