Did You Know That Sick Ballots Can be “Cured”?

November 4, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


By Kat Stansell

November 4, 2022

Now that others are finally – at long last – out and talking about the trouble with ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center, as we at the American Policy Center have been doing for so many months, I thought it a great time to take a look at another piece of the formula for fraud, ballot curing.

Ballot curing is the process by which election workers are allowed to “fix problems” on mailed-in ballots so that the votes can be counted. OK, right up front, you can smell that litter box again. *

No signature? NO problem? Signature that doesn’t match yours on file with the state? NO problem. No voter ID information, no date? Get the ballot in late? Don’t worry!

Technically “curing” is a two-part procedure of correction and notification. If someone “forgets” to sign a ballot, or the signature does not match that on file with the state, those sweet people working the elections can fix that. We begin to see why Republican poll workers are kept at bay in thousands of precincts across the nation. Although there is notification procedure in place in many of the curing states, to contact the voter, that is often not done, for obvious reasons.

Let your mind roll a little on this…. What would this procedure look like? Do we call them, and ask them to come into the election office where it was too inconvenient for them to have to gone to vote in the first place? How about we mail something to their listed address, when so many of those addresses belong to the phantom voters? All that does is waste time, money, and thousands of yellow “undeliverable mail” stickers! You can see why notification and follow-through are often dropped. Reconnecting with voters on highly bloated rolls is a fools mission. The notification process is the most futile/insecure/inaccurate part of the curing methodology, so we can understand why is avoided. It is, however, the only possible way that ballot curing could be legitimate, and it would take a lot of work. Thus, “curing” is better suited for fraud than for clean elections.

In November, 2020, five of the biggest “battleground” states (AZ, PA, GA, MI and WI) allowed voters to cure or fix their ballots– for weeks, apparently, until the totals were what was desired by the Globalists, not the voters. First ask how and why these states had so many “mistakes” as to change vote totals. Oh, well. Never mind. We already know.

According to the US Election Assistance Commission (USEAC (that federal organization with foreign language translation tools on their website), ballot curing prevents their old bogeyman, disenfranchisement. They believe that ballots which show up with mistakes should be fixed, and the votes counted.

Instead of declaring these bad ballots invalid, the process of “curing” all those “sick” ballots has been installed, now in 25 states.

Ok. We’re all capable of a mistake, even on something so important as our ballots. Where I grew up, though, there were consequences for a screw-up. But, the Left doesn’t believe in responsibility OR consequences, as we already know. With ballot curing, someone who messes up their vote – or “someone” who doesn’t exist at all – is spared the horror of their vote not counting.

Allow me to put it a different way: if someone cannot follow directions on a ballot – or, does not read English well enough to do so – they have NO BUSINESS VOTING! This is about simple comprehension.

How can a “voter” understand the issues or know whom to choose to represent them, if they do not have the capacity to follow simple directions?

We already know that the Left believes the worst of their voters. Now, we know that they assume that their voters are incapable of voting a ballot correctly, in great enough numbers to require a fix, or a “cure”. What an insult!

It is no wonder that millions are switching parties. Good people are just sick of being considered idiots and fools.

Of course, the voters that they continually insult, the blindly led, uninformed lemmings, are the favorites of the Left, so for them, the Progressives will develop rules like ballot curing. In other words, in the name of people they consider idiots, another method to alter the outcome of elections is developed. Think it’s for “the people” or the Steal? Yeah. Me, too.

Let’s face it. The ballot curing procedure is very important to the election criminals because of the increasing numbers of ballots being voted by mail. The more votes come in by mail, the better chance the fraud machinery has to change them.

In 2020, 69% of all ballots were cast “non-traditionally” either by mail or early. This year, the Left hopes for an even higher percentage of all votes to be cast by mail, many of which, I predict, will need “curing”.

Lady Liberty hopes America will wake up and vote only in person, on election day! Help keep her torch burning.

Keeping our freedom is up to you.

Here’s another little wrinkle in honest elections and a big opportunity to increase voting by mail…a ballot sent to every voter!

Currently twelve states** – California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, Washington state and the District of Columbia – mail a ballot to EVERY VOTER, whether or not one is requested. (11 of these are ERIC members. Another “coincidence”?) In these states, everyone on the rolls receives a ballot, whether or not the rolls are current – whether or not that “voter” even exists. And, of course, as of last month, Pennsylvania mails a ballot to anyone registering to vote.

As of 2018, Real Clear Politics reported that over 28 million mailed ballots were still unaccounted for in the previous four elections. (2012 – 2018) *** Why do we continue this? Sheer numbers point to inaccuracies which may well equate to fraud.

The greater the number of mailed ballots in circulation, the more opportunity there is to find sick votes that need “curing”.

Is there even an eligible voter at the addresses to which all these ballots are sent? Who knows?? We do know, however, that, thanks to ERIC, there are millions of phantom names and addresses on those bloated rolls in 33 states, to which ballots can be sent. We also know that, in states like Florida, thousands of ballots sent to undeliverable addresses have been returned voted for the 2022 midterms.

Houston, we have a problem.