Do YOU Know Why? D of L, That’s Why

November 10, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike

Do you know why YOU don’t need to know how to:

  • purify the water you need to survive and live your modern-day lifestyle?
  • purify the water you need to survive and live the lifestyle you claim is carbon-neutral and land-exploitation-free.
  • find the coal that is used to provide the heat to make the electricity you use?
  • make the electricity that you use?
  • grow cotton or produce “man-made” fabrics and form them into clothing?
  • build a house?
  • build a car?
  • build a fi re bo mb…wait, maybe you do know that?
  • raise animals which provide us leather for shoes, coats, belts and such? (Also see question on fabrics.)
  • build a mousetrap, much less a better mousetrap?
  • do algebra, do calculus, know chemistry?
  • drive an eighteen-wheeler?
  • formulate plastic for your bong?
  • grow, package and preserve food? (Especially your munchies)
  • read?

This list could go on for pages and pages.

Do you know how to make paper? A pencil? A CPU? Glass?

Just as few people know how an automobile transmission works, but many can drive that automobile, so do WE not need to know much to live quite comfortably, (at least until the grid goes down).

YOU do not need to know how to do these things, yet you can enjoy the convenience they provide, even the life-providing product they provide.

Because DIVISION OF LABOR and the PROFIT MOTIVE, that’s why.

The Teacher instructs the mathematician who provides the engineer what is needed to design the car built by the assemblers in the factories. The cars are shipped via diverse transportation systems by truckers and engineers and those who pilot ships. Salespeople sell those cars which are serviced by mechanics who are supplied by parts manufacturers and the clerical personnel and computer programmers who make it possible to keep track of all that commerce. We drive those cars to the stores where we buy the products provided by the farmers who toil in the sun and rain, and agricultural entrepreneurs who develop a better way to get more wheat per acre. That wheat is ground and baked and wrapped and shipped and bought and eaten and turned into energy in the stomachs of children who grow to take their rightful place among us fortunate to live in a land where the right to property gives incentive to keep the air and water clean; where we watch out for our neighbors and are free to give thanks to the God who allows and provides such blessings.

That is, provided the government doesn’t screw that up as governments are inclined.

God blessed America and we said, “No thanks, too much responsibility.”

Je suis Spike