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By Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics
March 19, 2016

On March 15, Donald Trump won 5 states. Cruz won zip. Here are the delegates to date:

After losing his home state of Florida, Marco Rubio dropped out.

Kasich barely won his home state of Ohio only because Rubio and Cruz told their supporters to vote for Kasich. Kasich should drop out.

Here’s the summary.

For Kasich to get 1237 delegates, he needs to win 106 percent of the remaining delegates. That can’t happen.

For Cruz to get 1237 delegates, he needs to win 79 percent of the remaining delegates. That won’t happen.

For Trump to get 1237 delegates, he needs to win 53 percent of the remaining delegates. That will happen.

Here’s why Trump will get over 1237 delegates.

The March 13 poll shows Trump’s national popularity rose from 40% a month ago to 53% today.

Trump gained popularity while the GOP elite tried to take him down. Trump gained support while the media blamed the Soros-funded Democratic riots, in Chicago, Dayton, and Kansas City, on Trump.

Trump will win the “winner take all” states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nebraska, California, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. And he will dominate the “proportional” delegate states of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico.

That’s enough to give Trump over 1400 delegates.

How the GOP wastes money.

The GOP’s attack on Donald Trump has nothing to do with his platform. It has everything to do with who controls Washington DC. The elite are scared Donald Trump will end their power over America.

They are right. Trump will return the power back to the American people where it belongs. As more Americans catch on to this fact, they will support Donald Trump.

The GOP elite, led by Mitt Romney, spent more money trying to stop Donald Trump than they did to try to stop Obama from winning in 2012. Makes you wonder whose side they are on.

Romney cost Trump Idaho. The Mormons in southeast Idaho who previously supported Trump voted for Cruz. Utah will likely vote for Cruz even though their values differ from Cruz’s values. Mormons seem to follow their leaders more than Catholics follow their Pope.

The GOP elite wasted $35 million on attack ads against Trump in Florida and Illinois. Trump spent no money to counter the GOP attack. Trump won Florida and Illinois significantly.

This is why we need Trump. The GOP elite don’t know how to manage money. Trump does.

Why a brokered convention will fail.

Some anti-Trump folks want a brokered convention to choose Romney, Ryan, Rubio, or Bush. They think these losers can beat Hillary. They think wrong.

The latest RCP poll shows Obama has a 51 percent approval rating. Obama has had a 49 to 51 percent approval rating for the past year.

Some anti-Trump folks claim face-off polls show another candidate would do better than Trump. They do not understand data. Face-off polls mean nothing. The general public can barely keep up with the present election, much less forecast an election that has not even begun.

The only way a Republican candidate can win the presidency is to pull votes from Democrats, Independents, and voters who have never voted before.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who has brought in new voters. Trump brings Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who had given up on the Republican Party.

Donald Trump has doubled and even tripled the number of Republican primary voters that Romney pulled in 2012. Trump’s new voters are there for only one reason: to vote for Donald Trump. They are the voters the GOP establishment screwed and long ago forgot.

If the GOP feeds them any candidate but Trump, these Trump voters will not vote GOP. Any candidate but Trump will lose to Hillary by a greater margin than Romney lost to Obama in 2012.

Many GOP elites have announced publicly they prefer Hillary over Donald Trump. They don’t belong in the GOP. They are Democrats.

There are only four kinds of voters. Which are you?

1. American: You want Donald Trump to be our next president.
2. Irrational Democrat: You want a brokered convention.
3. Delusional Democrat: You want Ted Cruz to be our next president.
4. Real Democrat: You want Hillary Clinton to be our next president.

It does not matter who you claim you are. We judge you by the results of your actions. If your actions help elect Hillary, you are a Democrat.

Irrational Democrats and Delusional Democrats are Democrats. If you are undecided, you are a Democrat.

There are only two sides.

Let’s be clear. There are only two sides in America right now. You are either for Trump or you are against Trump.

Dr. Ben Carson supports Donald Trump. Ben Carson is an American.

Ben Carson explained, according to Michele Hickford in

“The key thing for me was recognizing that the political establishment was pulling out all the stops to try to stop Trump. It seems to me that’s thwarting the will of the people. The people are the ones who are supposed to make the decision.”

Why a vote for Ted Cruz is Irrational.

The national YouGov poll has Cruz in second place with 22%, less than half of Trump’s support.

Cruz’s support comes from two sources: Very Conservative Evangelicals “Tea Party” (VCEs) voters who are Delusional Democrats and anti-Trump voters who are Irrational Democrats.

Don’t confuse “Very Conservative Evangelicals” with “Moderate Evangelicals.” Moderate Evangelicals support Trump.

Ted Cruz does not represent Tea Party values. Tea Party leader Debbie Dooleywrote in Breitbart:

I was disheartened to learn that you [Ted Cruz] recently joined progressives and Republican establishment elitists by attacking millions of activists like me that support Donald Trump by calling us low information voters.

I would encourage you to climb down out of your Ivy League tower and find out just who we are and why we decided to support Donald Trump.

You would find among Trump supporters people that cherish the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. We have watched as candidates pledge to uphold the Constitution on the campaign trail and once elected they forget about their pledge in order to institute policy supported by their donors. We know until the corrupt D.C. system is upended, the Constitution will continue to be ignored.

Cruz is a Dominionist

Cruz is not your normal Evangelical. Cruz is an extreme rightwing evangelicalDominionist. He wants to replace our Constitution with his version of God’s laws. He believes God called him and anointed him to be president so his church can control America.

Cruz does not do tithing. His tax records show he made over $1 million per year from 2006 to 2010 and he gave ZIP to his church.

Cruz is a serial liar.

In the past month Cruz has told more lies about Donald Trump than we can count. Cruz believes the end justifies the means. Smart Evangelicals will drop Cruz and vote for Trump.

Cruz supports a pastor who tells you to kill gays.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reviewed the anti-gay diatribe by wacko Pastor Kevin Swanson at a National Religious Liberties Conference. Swanson held up his Bible as he shouted that God commands we kill all homosexuals.

Then, right after his sermon, Swanson introduced presidential candidate Ted Cruz who walked on stage and shook Swanson’s hand.

Cruz is a Globalist.

Cruz, like Obama, is a globalist. He supports NAFTA. He was a policy advisor for Bush/Cheney. Canada Cruz wants open borders, amnesty, and no wall.

Cruz’s wife Heidi is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an executive in Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs wants a North American Union. Cruz wants to be the first president of the North American Union, which would join Canada, USA, and Mexico into one union.

Cruz can’t negotiate.

In two debates, Donald Trump said he would try to negotiate a peace agreement between Israel and its neighbors. Cruz called such a negotiation a compromise of “principles.” Cruz said he would never compromise his “principles” for the sake of a negotiation.

Twice in the debates, Cruz called negotiation “moral relativism.” Cruz believes in “moral absolutism,” which means, “It’s my way or the highway.” Cruz cannot negotiate.

Cruz is an economic moron.

Donald Trump said he would improve America’s economy by using tariffs where necessary. Cruz claimed tariffs would raise prices and harm the economy.

Cruz does not understand feedback. Cruz sees only the immediate price effect of tariffs. Cruz does not realize that Trump’s tariffs would protect America’s manufacturing jobs and even bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

To have a good economy, America must manufacture its own goods where it makes sense. Manufacturing jobs pay higher wages. These higher wages more than make up for tariffs on imports.

Cruz choose the wrong side in the Chicago riot.

George Soros funded the riot in Chicago. Rioters included Sanders’ supporters, known members of ISIS, and Bill Ayers. Police reports show the riot was much worse than most media told you.

Riots are illegal at events protected by the US Secret Service.

Breitbart reported:

The most stunning part of this whole storyline is perhaps not that liberals got violent trying to stop him: It’s that Trump’s GOP primary opponents, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, blamed him and not the violent liberals for the chaos. reported:

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich sided with Bill Ayers, Black Lives Matter, Communists and violent far left protesters.

Ted Cruz lost support of prominent conservatives.

Cruz is not fit to be president.

Cruz is ineligible.

Cruz’s VCEs claim they are “constitutionalists.” Yet they support Cruz who is not a “natural born citizen.”

Lawrence Tribe, Cruz’s Harvard law professor, says Cruz is ineligible to be president. When Cruz was born in Canada in 1970, the Canadian government did not allow dual citizenship. It required Cruz’s parents to choose between USA and Canada for Ted Cruz’s citizenship. They choose Canadian.

Ted Cruz was still a Canadian citizen when Texas elected him to the US Senate. He illegally served in the US Senate because was not a US citizen. Cruz is dishonest and unethical. See video below.

In 2014, Cruz became a “naturalized” citizen. This is further proof he is not a “natural born citizen.” Cruz knows he is not eligible to be president. So he lies about it.

Don’t expect the 5 or so eligibility lawsuits filed by non-candidates to stop Cruz. Only Donald Trump can prevail in an eligibility lawsuit against Canada Cruz. Trump’s lawyers are ready to prove Cruz is not eligible. The problem is politics.

If Trump files the lawsuit, he may lose votes because the general public does not respond well to negative actions. So Trump must decide if and when he will drop his “trump” card on Cruz. Meanwhile, the best way to beat Cruz is with more votes.

To resolve the “natural born citizen” issue, elect Donald Trump. He will ask Congress to define “natural born citizen.”


Americans will vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who can and will win the presidency.

He is the only candidate with the necessary and proven CEO experience to run American and to save our economy.

Trump will win the final election against Hillary by a landslide.

He will choose the best people for his cabinet and advisers. He already has Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Carl Icahn, Rudy Giuliani, and other superstars on his team.

Trump will choose the best Generals and Admirals. Trump will not micromanage how they do their job.

Trump will choose the best science adviser. I hope Trump contacts Princeton Professor of Physics Will Happer.

Trump will not take orders from the CFR. Trump will audit the Fed. Trump will build America’s economy. We need a strong economy to make America great again.

I stand with those who want to build up America. I am an American.