Douglas Macgregor warns: Allowing illegal aliens to vote will lead to ABOLITION of the SECOND AMENDMENT

March 1, 2024 in News by RBN Staff



By Ethan Huff

U.S. Army Col. Ret. Combat Veteran Douglas Macgregor, who appears regularly on television to offer his analysis of military and world affairs, has issued a warning to America: You’d better stop the illegal alien invasion or else you’ll eventually be disarmed.

Many of the tens of thousands of illegal migrants who enter the United States daily will end up joining the military for pay, Macgregor warns, adding that this “is more dangerous to American liberty than any foreign invading army.”

With weapons in their hands and the right to vote, these illegals will systematically gut the U.S. Constitution and strip Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

“Give illegal migrants weapons and the right to vote, they will disarm American Citizens and impose dictatorship,” Macgregor says.

Few Americans are willing to serve in the military anymore, so illegal aliens are increasingly taking their place – and Macgregor understands, to some degree, why this is happening.

“If Americans won’t join the armed forces to fight it’s because the conflicts after 911 made no sense and there was no intention to win,” he tweeted to X.

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Macgregor says drain the swamp

Unhappy with the direction things are going, Macgregor would like to see Americans take the fight in another direction by electing someone other than Joe Biden to the White House this fall.

“Drain the D.C. swamp,” Macgregor tweeted in reference to a common trope uttered by former President Donald Trump.

If all goes according to plan, Biden and his regime will solidify the totalitarian, gun-free “utopia” they have long envisioned. Americans will be stripped of their constitutional rights while illegals take their place as the new “Americans.”

“That’s exactly the plan of the globalists,” wrote someone in response to Col. Macgregor’s warning.

“Disarming American citizens and imposing dictatorship has been the plan for a very long time,” said another.

Our own Health Ranger also piped in to thank Col. Macgregor for his continued service to the republic, affirming the notion that illegal aliens in the military and on the voter rolls is a really bad idea.

Tucker Carlson put out his own video a few years back at Prager U warning about the threat of open borders and how it would support the Democrat agenda to replace American citizens with illegal aliens.

“Isn’t this exactly what happened to Rome?” asked someone on X about what helped burn the world’s most infamous republic to the ground. “They armed invading people who turned against them?”

Others agreed, adding that giving illegal aliens access to weapons and sensitive military information, not to mention voting rights, is a disaster waiting to happen, to say the least.

“For example, say we let a Chinese man join our armed forces — what stops the CCP from locking up that man’s family that is still in China and threating them with harm unless that man turns over military intelligence or sabotages or kills Americans,” one of them added.

“The only military that will exist soon will be a newly formed military under the guidance of the American citizens as they will take to the streets and exercise in full the constitutional right under the constitutional structure of the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, and the 14th amendment,” suggested another.

“This will have to happen to save the republic.”

Another agreed, stating that he would sooner join a militia than “fight for the feds” who “don’t value the young men they expect to fight for their twisted version of imperialism, and their recruitment numbers reflect this.”

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