Dr. Fauci Will Be Looking for a New Job When Trump Finds out What He Just Did

November 29, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: conservativerevival.com

Donald Trump is running out of patience with Dr. Fauci.

During the election Dr. Fauci schemed to undermine the President’s re-election campaign.

And now Dr. Fauci will be looking for a new job when Trump finds out what he just did.

Even though President Trump’s Operation: Warp Speed delivered a coronavirus vaccine ahead of schedule Dr. Fauci refuses to yield the power the coronavirus pandemic afforded him.

The drunk-with-power Dr. Fauci is now blaming Americans for his own failed strategy and demanding the country double down on Fauci’s campaign of fear and panic.

“We’re not done, we still need to implement public health measures in a very intense way,” Dr. Fauci told a think tank in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Fauci explained it wasn’t his foolish strategy of lock downs and mask mandates that failed to contain the coronavirus pandemic – the American people were to blame because they assessed the low level of risk posed to most people by the coronavirus and chose to live their lives.

“We had too much individual approaches towards how we were going to handle the outbreak, so our baseline never came down to the low level where we wanted it to be,” Dr. Fauci said.