Eat Meat and You Will Kill the Planet

October 31, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Karen Schoen

October 31, 2023

C40 C40 Cities – A global network of mayors taking urgent climate action is group of mayors that are united in action to address the Climate Crisis. There is no climate crisis. It is a hoax devised to control all land and food.  Through years of clever marketing in schools the Globalists have indoctrinated the Affirmative Action graduates that if they give up their rights and ownership of private property they will save the planet. Using food as a weapon they have convinced the students to live in a world without CO2 and any other “greenhouse gas” in order to benefit the common good. A world without CO2 and greenhouse gases will have no life. Basically graduates now in government and bureaucratic positions are being coached to kill off the human race.  The Globalist goal is always depopulation.

Globalists have convinced the masses that living a sustainable lifestyle, a life under strict control of elites will save the planet from extreme weather (a lie).  What easier way to force farmers off their land than to condemn cows as the culprit claiming cows are destroying the planet by expelling greenhouse gases.  Of course they never mention that 95% of greenhouse gas is water vapor. 5% of the rest of the gases left can not  affect anything but students without a math or science background will never understand that.

Picking on the very food, meat, that supplies much needed protein to the human race is the problem globalists claim. More than 1,600 scientists and other scholars sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ declaration | The College Fix    Eliminating protein from the diet weakens the body.  You have less energy, ambition, confidence and patience.  You will comply which is the goal. The purpose of the Climate Hoax is nothing more than to convince you to do more for less, redistribute wealth out of the hands of the middle class into the hands of the elite and to make sure you will own nothing and they will be happy.

Because of the American focus on the god of money, mayors of 14 American cities have jumped on the bandwagon and will follow the restrictions of UN Agenda 2030 and ban meat.  Mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, has already started banning meat in public governed agencies like schools and prisons.

These 14 US Cities Have A ‘Target’ Of Banning Meat By 2030

Today foreign countries own and control much of the food source in America. Who knows what we are eating or how it is made?  China controls the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer, Smithfield Foods. After China knowingly gave us Covid, how do we know what is in our bacon?  However some states are waking up to the dangers of foreign countries with the destruction of Americans as their goal, owning American farmland. It is a bad idea all around.  George Bush 41, allowed foreign countries to “buy” America with Executive Order 12803. An Executive Order IS NOT a law. Time to repeal that one.

Governor Sanders is the first to sign such a bill. The bill tells China they have 2 years to divest of the farmland of Arkansas.

Governor Hobbs AZ just blocked Saudi Arabia from pumping water for their farmland while Arizona suffered a 15 year drought. The problem I have is with the lies in the last paragraph of the article which guides the reader into thinking they can fix the drought by giving up fossil fuel and meat.

“Human-related air pollution is one of the key drivers of global heating, so moving away from dirty fuel, cutting meat consumption, and recycling are small but helpful ways to prevent the volumes of harmful, planet-warming gases we produce annually.”

Scientist need grants to survive so they publish articles that leave out facts in order to tow the line of the Globalists narrative.   The media then carries the false narrative.  Lying about meat is one of those lies.  Once farmers are restricted enough, their land becomes useless and the Globalists get to buy the land for pennies on the dollar. Control the food, control the people. Hungry people are not interested and have no energy for fighting the very government who will feed them. Learn the truth. Sustainability means control. Will you comply?