Egyptians not happy about Blacks appropriating ancient Egypt’s culture

June 21, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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By Mike King


JUNE 21, 2023

NY Times: Egyptians Are Not Happy About a Dutch Exhibit About Afrocentrism

  A new exhibit in a Dutch museum explores how Black musicians have drawn inspiration and pride from the idea that ancient Egypt was an African culture.


Comic relief time. A squabble has broken out between subsets of the “people of color” . The Browns of Egypt have had it with the Blacks of America — backed by Marxist Jews and, in this case, White Libtards of the Netherlands — culturally misappropriating ancient Egypt as something “African” with a fictitious historical/racial connection to the “African-Americans.”  A bit of comedy, from the Slimes article:

“A new Dutch museum exhibit declares, “Egypt is a part of Africa,” which might strike most people who have seen a map of the world as an uncontroversial statement.

But the show at the National Museum of Antiquities goes beyond geography. It explores the tradition of Black musicians — Beyoncé, Tina Turner, Nas and others — drawing inspiration and pride from the idea that ancient Egypt was an African culture. The exhibit is framed as a useful corrective to centuries of cultural erasure of Africans. (emphasis added)

What might sound empowering in the United States and thought-provoking in the Netherlands, however, is anathema to Egypt’s government and many of its people, who have flooded the museum’s Facebook and Google pages with complaints — occasionally racist ones — about what they see as Western appropriation of their history.

Some feel that it is their culture and history that are being erased in the Western quest to correct historical racism.”

The name of the exhibit is “Kemet: Egypt in Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul & Funk.” The historical horror show consists of a fraudulent fusion of actual Egyptian relics with large images of Black musicians in the background — as if the two are somehow connected. The Egyptians are so pissed off about this butchering of history that they have now banned Dutch archeologists from excavation sites. 

The supreme irony — and the real “teachable moment” ™ — of this controversy over cultural misappropriation lies in the fact that …. 










Aryan mummies and massive pyramids exist in China, Egypt and the Americas.