Elites run the system for their own benefit

June 21, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


via email from ‘Winston’

In a small government, citizens can run the show. They know what is going on, and have a say in what happens next. But, in a global Deep State Empire, citizens play largely symbolic roles. They vote, but their votes don’t really matter. They voice their opinions, but no one really cares what they think.

The real power now is in the hands of an elite cabal, who “work the system” for their own benefit. This is The Swamp that Donald Trump campaigned against. The inside deals, the bribes, the sweet sinecures, and the greasy campaign contributions. The elite get farther and farther ahead. Their interests and those of the rest of the people increasingly diverge. They get richer, while 90% of the population loses ground financially.

The masses have no idea what is going on, how the game is played, or how they are being ripped off. As the scale increases, gradually and then suddenly, a big gap opens between the “leaders” and the “people” – between public policy and private consequences, and between real news and “fake news.”

The elite insiders – in business, government, academia, religion, and media, whether it is the centralised government from the left or the right – have become the parasites.

A total of 75% of government spending is economically non-productive including military, debt service, social security. Unlike during the 1930s’ Great Depression, when the levels of government debt were almost at nil, today on average, the debt is over 105% of GDP and rising.

Spending on national economic infrastructure in the 1930s resulted in the great economic boom of the 1950s. But now; for example, spending $1.5 trillion on a dysfunctional F-35 all-purpose fighter jet program won’t do the trick.